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Panasonic to Expand HIT PV Module Exposure in North America

published: 2016-01-14 16:58

Panasonic Eco Solutions Company (Panasonic) unveiled an expansion plan to introduce larger HIT® PV module into North America as the company sees opportunities in the fast-growing residential solar segment. With Panasonic’s specialized HIT® technology, rooftop PV system owners can generate more power than conventional modules.

The residential solar market has continued its growth in recent years and North America is one of the fastest-growing regions. As most the residential rooftops have very restricted rooms for installing PV systems, it becomes more crucial for homeowners to utilize high efficiency product to ensure larger power output. Panasonic’s PV module HIT® product range, which will be available since the start of 2016, uses silicone hetero junction (SHKJ) solar cells that help reduce loss of electrons while maximize output performance. It has original pyramid structure to absorb sunlight and an amorphous silicon layers to maintain operation even under high temperature. These features make Panasonic’s HIT® solution one of the leading high efficiency solar PV module products.

Panasonic’s HIT® has proven itself a reliable and stable solution in many countries and regions. At the very beginning of 2016, the company announced to extend the product warranty period in the European market from 10 years to 15 years. for North American users, Panasonic will also apply the same warranty standard.

“Panasonic's commitment to residential solar in North America has never been stronger, said Dan Silver, president, Panasonic Eco Solutions Company North America. “By offering our customers an affordable way to reduce their energy bills and their carbon footprint with one of the most efficient, highest-performing solar solutions on the market, we're perfectly positioned to meet this growing demand.”

(photo credit: Panasonic)

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