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Silver Powder Production to be Restarted after Safety Check: DOWA

published: 2016-01-13 18:42

Japan-based DOWA Hightech, a world leader of silver powder supplier, announced that the company is now checking the safety of the metal powder factory which was hit by an industrial accident on January 3 (related post). The product production processes could be gradually online after all necessary checks are completed.

DOWA supplies more than a half of global PV-use silver powder materials. However, the company was temporarily shut down due to a severe industrial accident that killed two and injured two. The shut-down also triggers worries about manufacturing and shipment of conductive pastes and PV cells.

DOWA published the third report to the accident on January 13 and explained that both the injured had left hospital. On the other hand, investigators are still trying to figure the real cause.

DOWA restarted metal products processing on January 7, yet the incident line remained stopped for investigations, according to the second report published on January 6.

The company worked closely with authorities and has completely checked all equipment in the plant where produces metal powders, including silver powders for conductive pastes. DOWA will never use the tank that the accident occurred. In the future, DOWA will gradually restart operation only when all safety checks were completed.

As the tank will be disposed and the production capacity will not be fully utilized until DOWA deploys a new replacement, EnergyTrend expects that production of conductive pastes will be influenced in the short-term. Nonetheless, manufacturers in the PV value chains are mostly relieved when learn the better-than-expected message from DOWA, found EnergyTrend.

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