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US Bakery Installs Its Own Rooftop PV Array

published: 2016-04-08 16:46

As a leader in U.S. baking industry, Bimbo Bakeries USA (BBU) shows its commitment to sustainability by installing a 1.075MW solar PV system at its Escondido, California bakery. The solar array is scheduled to begin operating this summer and is expected to produce up to 1,775,000kWh of clean electricity for the bakery every year.

"We are always looking for new opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint and lead by example with our sustainable projects," said James McKeown, Director of Sustainability at BBU. “We are excited to further our commitment to sustainability by introducing solar technology to our facilities."

The solar array consists approximately 3,150 solar panels, covering a rooftop room of around 107,500 square foot. BBU estimates to reduce 30% of Escondido facility’s power consumption from the power grid. The PV array will also help reduce CO2 emission by 981 tons per year.

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