Hanwha Q CELLS to Purchase 1366 Technologies’ Wafer for PERC Cells

published: 2016-04-13 18:29 | category: News

Hanwha Q CELLS and 1366 Technologies (1366) have entered into a supply agreement. 1366 will supply up to 700MW of wafers using its proprietary Direct Wafer™ technology to Hanwha Q CELLS over a five-year period for Hanwha Q CELLS to produce Q.ANTUM PERC cells.

Hanwha Q CELLS collaborated with 1366 to conduct R&D efforts to commercialize 1366’s Direct Wafer™ technology with its Q.ANTUM cell technology through a year-long partnership in advanced to signing the wafer supply agreement. During months of intense technical collaboration and tests, the two companies jointly reached a maximum efficiency of 19.1% using Direct Wafer™ products in Hanwha Q CELLS' Q.ANTUM cell, as independently verified by the Fraunhofer ISE.

1366's Direct Wafer technology is a transformative manufacturing process that makes wafers in a single step, pulling them directly from molten silicon instead of today's multi-step, energy- and capital-intensive approach, resulting in significant wafer production cost savings.

With 1366’s Direct Wafer™ products, Hanwah Q CELLS expects to produce PV cells and modules that cost lower than standard multi-crystalline wafer-based modules. The company also expects to deliver modules that are more LCOE competitive, commented Seong-woo Nam, CEO of Hanwha Q CELLS. “This agreement aligns with our continuing efforts to bring about world leading technologies that enable solar energy to be more competitive and more affordable,” he said.

“This agreement is a significant milestone for our business,” said Frank van Mierlo, CEO of 1366 Technologies. “We've found a strong partner, Hanwha Q CELLS, and we are extremely proud of the work we've accomplished together.”

The agreement also demonstrates 1366’s compelling capabilities of the Direct Wafer™ technology and readiness of it, added Mierlo.

Provided that 1366 meets certain terms and conditions related to its wafer qualification and timing of delivery as agreed by both parties, Hanwha Q CELLS's commitment to purchase up to 700 MW of wafers over a period of 5 years will commence, stated in Hanwha Q CELLS’ announcement.

The wafers are planned to be shipped from 1366’s US manufacturing facility in New York State, which is scheduled to be online in 2017.

Q.ANTUM, a product series that is based on PERC technology, enhances power output, low-light and temperature-behavior. This technology also has Hanwha Q CELLS’ anti-PID protection, hot-spot protect, and other VDE certification quality standards like Tra.Q laser marking.

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