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aleo Starts 30MW PERC Cell Production, Initially

published: 2016-09-14 16:47

aleo Sunrise, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Germany-based solar manufacturer aleo that was acquired by Taiwan’s SAS, officially started production on “CELCO” PERC cells.

SAS started renovation and restructuring aleo’s German factory after it acquired aleo at the beginning of 2014. SAS planned to expand solar cell production capacity in Germany in order to make aleo a vertically integrated manufacturing facility.

In September 2015, aleo announced to expand its module capacity to 200MW as well as to establish a subsidiary, solar Sunrise, to produce high efficiency PV cells. After nine months of construction and renovation phase, the subsidiary of aleo solar now starts the production of highly efficient PERC solar cells CELCO technology on September 12, 2016.

“We can produce 3-, 4- and 5-busbar cells and thanks to the Group’s proven CELCO technology achieve average efficiencies above 21.0% in mass production,” said Alexander Kasic, head of cell production.

In the current year the production of about 30 MW poly- and monocrystalline solar cells is planned in fully continuous series production. The current annual production capacity of the two production lines is 100 MW, but is expandable to four production lines and 200 MW.

“Due to the cell production in Germany, aleo solar is even more flexible and is placed confidently in the market with a larger share of the value chain,” says William Chen, CEO of aleo Sunrise GmbH and aleo solar GmbH. “With cells and modules made in Germany we make ourselves independent of anti-dumping duties and driving up costs in exchange rates.”

Production capacity in the German location also helps SAS and its subsidiaries to tune the cell and module technology even better and ensure the quality and efficiency of production.

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