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LG Solar Launches New Residential Solutions

published: 2017-07-14 16:02

LG Electronics USA introduced new LG NeON® series solar panels at Intersolar 2017. The LG NeON® R 60-cell solar panel for residential installation features back contact and a wattage of 365W. Another product, NeON® 2 Ace, is developed in collaboration with Enphase Energy for residential customers to reduce installation time by half.

"Providing our residential clients with the highest quality product, while bringing added value to their home, is of utmost importance to LG Solar. The NeON R back-contact technology blends form and function, allowing for 100 percent of the cell area to be used for solar power generation," said Stephen Hahm, vice president and head of LG Electronics USA's Energy Solutions business. "We're eager to continue to deliver first-in-class quality and design with this new residential product."

NeON® R Solar Panel

Higher Efficiency in Any Environment, Without Sacrificing Aesthetics

LG NeON R has one of the best temperature performance characteristics on the market, with key design features that significantly enhance output for maximum efficiency. The temperature performance characteristics are important because other panels may struggle not only in low-light situations, but also on hot-sunny days if the temperature of the module rises.

NeON R panels are rated at 365 Watts per panel, compared with most conventional panels that have a 290W rating, equating to 26 percent more power from the NeON R panel. And, unlike conventional p-type solar modules, the N-Type cells used in the NeON R use almost no boron, so Light Induced Degradation is reduced significantly, maximizing performance and maintaining maximum potential power output for the life of the module.

Recognizing the home is the consumer's largest asset, the NeON R is designed with high-end design appeal in mind in addition to high performance. Eliminating the busbars on the front of the module not only creates a seamless visual, it maximizes light absorption.

Long-Lasting Design, Extended Warranty

A newly reinforced frame design ensures the module can endure industry leading front and rear loads, making this model stronger than ever. While this model is strong and powerful, LG goes above and beyond the industry standard 10-year warranty to offer a 25-year product warranty. This product and performance warranties combined ensure the homeowner achieves peace of mind with the knowledge LG stands behind the materials and workmanship of the modules for a full 25-years. The power performance warranty makes the investment virtually risk-free.

NeON® 2 ACe Panel

Next-Generation AC Solar Modules: A Simplified Energy Solution

The result of two solar industry pacesetters, LG NeON 2 ACe brings together high-performance and a simplified user experience, combining the processes of logistics, installation and monitoring. Installation, always a concern for homeowners, becomes a quick, two-step roof installation process with this integrated AC Module - lifting the microinverter out of the flat shipping positon and connecting the cable without the need to install the two products separately.

Once roof installation is complete and Enphase's internal software is set up, Enphase technology remote monitoring and management software can be controlled from any web connected device.

"We're committed to expanding the possibilities the solar industry has to offer and dedicated to delivering products that appeal to the consumer in every aspect," said Stephen Hahm, vice president and head of LG Electronics USA's Energy Solutions business. "Our alliance with Enphase has allowed us to streamline the process for consumers, appealing to a wider consumer base while still delivering the efficiency consumers expect from LG."

Paul Nahi, president and CEO of Enphase Energy, said, "Enphase was founded with the vision of making solar simple, and energy smart. Our collaboration with LG on this Enphase Energized™ AC module is another example of how we are executing on that vision."

Advanced Technology, Same Durability and Warranty, Added Safety

On the surface, LG NeON 2 ACe utilizes brand new cello technology, which replaces the industry standard three busbars with 30 thin wires, enhancing output and reliability. This market-leading technology allows for more energy-efficiency and premium temperature performance characteristics. Aesthetically, these innovations are designed to improve curb-appeal for the homeowner, creating a sleek, black look.

The energy created by this elegant solar panel can be safely converted to AC voltage, another product of this revolutionary partnership. A strategically positioned 15mm distance separates the DC module and the microinverter, mitigating any impact to performance and reliability by allowing sufficient air-flow for cooling.

LG NeON 2 ACe also comes equip with LG Electronics' robust 12-year unit warranty and a 25-year warranty for the microinverter. LG Electronics is committed to exceeding customer's values and expectations beyond efficiency. The anodized aluminum frame of the panel can endure a front load up to 6,000Pa and a rear load up to 5,400Pa. This product is built to last.

(Photo: LG’s NeON® R back-contact solar panel showcased at PV EXPO 2017 in Tokyo, Japan. The former version features 350W.)

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