RAC Rolls Out New Electric Bus

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In line with the global e-car current, RAC Electric Vehicles, a subsidiary of listed firm Mobiletron, has rolled out a new model of electric bus, meant to tap the domestic mass-transportation market.

RAC Electric Vehicles is a leading manufacturer of electric bus, whose product is the first such locally produced bus having passed national certification. Up to now, it has turned out more than 100 electric buses, with accumulated driving distance exceeding 10 million kilometers. The company possesses high R&D strength in power management, vehicle control, and car-body design. Compared with other electric buses in the 12-meter-long grade, the new electric bus of RAC Electric Vehicles boasts a number of world records, including the lightest weight (12 tons in net weight), strongest gradeability (>30%), the fastest speed (120 km/h), and longest cruising range (over 400 km), underscoring its competitive performance/cost ratio worldwide.

Tsai Yu-ching, chairman of RAC Electric Vehicles, points out that the company's new bus meets the international standards for high-voltage 600 V bus, with its performance having been comparable to that of diesel-oil bus, without the latter's defects of air pollution and noise.    

Tsai stressed that the new electric bus can help bus companies cut their operating costs, thanks to its lower maintenance cost and price tag than diesel-oil bus. The vehicle employs car-body control technology and key components developed by the company itself, integrates VCU function, and CAN Bus system which meets international standard.

The new vehicle has reportedly passed verification by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications for six functions and has become a new industrial star, created via the assistance of the industrial upgrading and innovation platform overseen by the Industrial Development Bureau. The company has spared no effort in enhancing the technological level of its electric bus, including hiring a veteran auto expert who used to work at Nissan, licensing new high-performance battery from Nissan, reduction of 800 kilos in weight, introduction, together with Mobiletron, Japan's cutting-edge BMS technology, installation of active battery balancing system, and introduction of Japan's battery pack design and temperature-control technology, to minimize battery's diminution factor and assure full-load cruising range at 260 km-350 km, capable of meeting the mileage need for daily operation within five years, plus use of used batteries for power storage.   

RAC Electric Vehicles has also teamed up with domestic major manufacturers in developing key components, such as development of user interface and integration of whole-car control, in cooperation with Qisda. In line with the current of smart city and big-data application, it will assist bus companies establishing smart transportation operating system, to boost their business performance. Backed by TECO Electric & Machinery, it employs Europe-licensed advanced high-performance SRPM motor technology and drive, in addition to developing power supply system, in cooperation with major power-supply firm Phihong.

(Collaborative media: TechNews, first photo courtesy of TechNews)

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