Gogoro to Expand Its Energy Network by Enlisting Cooperation From Major Motorcycle Companies

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Taiwan-based electric scooter (e-scooter) company Gogoro plans to team up with major motorcycle manufacturers and logistics companies to expand the coverage of its green transportation platform on the island. At a press event on October 17, Horace Luke, CEO of Gogoro, announced that his company will share its technologies with domestic motorcycle makers Aeon Motor and PGO. Luke also stated that the company will provide vehicles to the fleet of e-scooters deployed by the local branch of DHL Express. Following the government-run Chunghwa Post, DHL is Gogoro’s latest partner in the logistics industry. In the scooter market, Aeon and PGO are Gogoro’s newest allies after YAMAHA.

Chunghwa Post and DHL rally behind Gogoro in its efforts to promote green logistics

Gogoro launched its e-scooter model for commercial users, Gogoro 2 Utility, this August to tap into the immense demand in the package delivery and logistics markets. This new vehicle also symbolizes the company’s intention to establish B2B relations with other domestic and international enterprises.

Besides providing vehicles for DHL’s green logistics fleet, Gogoro will also bid in the latest tender issued by Chunghwa Post. The company has in fact initiated a project for an e-scooter design that specifically meets the requirements of the local mail delivery system. Gogoro is naturally an enthusiastic proponent of the government’s policy to gradually phase out motorcycles and scooters powered by traditional fuel engines and replace them with counterparts that run on electric batteries.

Yung C. Ooi, managing director of DHL’s operation in Taiwan, said at the press event that one of his company’s major missions is to maintain sustainability of the global environment by lowering the carbon emission released by its businesses. Yung also pointed out that DHL as a leader in green logistics is actively promoting various environment-friendly services and solutions in Taiwan. By deploying Gogoro scooters, the company is expected to advance significantly toward its self-imposed target of zero emission by 2050.

Aeon and PGO join Gogoro’s alliance following YAMAHA

The future e-scooters developed by Aeon and PGO will be compatible with the main components of Gogoro’s Energy Network, including its electronic control system, smart battery, and battery-swap mechanism. Aeon has scheduled the market launch of its first e-scooter in the summer 2019, whereas PGO plans to launch its first e-scooter in the second half of the same year.

Tony Lin, CEO of Aeon, told reporters at the press event that his company long recognizes that e-scooters represent the future trend. Starting in February 2016, Aeon had been in talks with Gogoro to discuss the possibility of collaboration. Lin also pointed out that Aeon since its founding 20 years ago in 1998 has been committed to maximize values for customers by providing technologically powerful vehicles featuring exceptional speed performances. Lin added that future e-scooters built by Aeon will be based on Gogoro’s model but also contain features that epitomize the spirit of his company. Since the biggest headache for e-scooter users is charging and swapping batteries, Aeon e-scooters will be designed to be fully compatible with Gogoro’s smart battery and GoStation. The adoption of this existing network of battery-swap stations will provide greater convenience for users of Aeon e-scooters.

Li Rong-yi, associate director of R&D center at PGO, said at the press event that the PGO brand name and customers it serves share the same values of having strong emotional connection with vehicles and enjoying the thrill of the ride. The incorporation of the Gogoro Energy Network is therefore wholly consistent with the brand’s character as well. With the support of the convenient battery-swap mechanism, PGO will be building new models of e-scooters for consumers looking for trendy vehicles that provide fun and relaxing riding experience.

Shen Jong-chin, who heads Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs, also attended the press event to show government’s support for the Gogoro’s green transportation platform. At the event, Shen noted that 150,000 e-scooters have been sold in Taiwan since the government began its push for electric mobility in 2006. Furthermore, sales of Gogoro scooters totaled 20,000 units in the company’s first year of operation. This year, Gogoro expects its total annual sales to reach 40,000 units. Shen praised Gogoro for designing e-scooters that are highly mobile and suited for local users with respect to the driving habits and the feel of control. Shen further stressed that the company’s success is also attributed to its innovative business model.

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