Holland Rolls Out Renewable Energy Tower for Festivals

published: 2019-08-20 9:30 | editor: | category: News

In its collaboration with nine enterprises, Holland’s Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) has rolled out a green-energy device, dubbed “GEM tower” that can be used as a power generator at festivals.

The power generating device, which is approximately 21 meters high, consists of three sections: a vertical-axis wind turbine (on the top), a foldable translucent solar glazing component (in the middle), and a three meter-high battery storage system with 90 kWh of capacity (at the bottom).

The wind turbine is around 700 kilos in total, and is 18 meters tall; it is the main power source of the GEM tower. The colorful glass in the middle are luminescent solar concentrators (LSCs), which were developed by TU/e. The concentrators are capable of absorbing a large scope of sunshine for the radiation of photons to be channeled to the thin-film PV cells on the edge of the glass.

Faas Moonen, a key member of the research team at TU/e, points out that the specially designed LSCs can function even under shadowy or cloudy days. This is different from the traditional PV cells which need direct exposure to sunshine.

In addition to the 144 small thin-film PV cells which are fixed on the tower, there are also 72 large pliable PV cells which can be installed atop booths or constructions in the venue.

The GEM tower weighs over 3,500 kilos in total but can be folded into a form that is just 1 meters thick. It can be erected with just a press of a button after being transported to the venue.     

The GEM tower will debut at the 2019 Pukkelpop musical festival in Belgium from Aug. 14-18.

(Collaborative media: TechNews, first photo courtesy of TU/e) 

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