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Sneak Peek into the Future: 2019Q4 Advanced PV Technology Report Shows You 6 Technology Trends

published: 2019-12-17 17:38

PV cell technology has made great strides in 2019. P-Mono PERC products have become the mainstream in the market.

Image by Grégory ROOSE from Pixabay

The total capacity for manufacturing P-Mono PERC cells is expected to exceed 115 GW in 2019, according to the 2019Q4 Advanced PV Technology Report published by EnergyTrend, the Green Energy Research Division from TrendForce.

When P-Mono PERC is in, what products are on their way out?

As the PERC manufacturing process has become the standard production technology of PV cells, P-Mono & P-Multi general products are exiting the market.

P-Multi PERC products are supported by demand from certain buyers. Their price-performance ratio is slightly superior in comparison with other module technology.

Why N-type cells rule the market: lower costs and higher power

The capacity for manufacturing N-Cell products may be able to exceed 15.8 GW in 2019, accounting for 7.9% of the total cell manufacturing capacity (including thin films).

It is estimated that it will continue to increase by more than 10% annually after 2020.

Thin film products have remained stable. It is expected to increase 2~4GW annually after 2020.

EnergyTrend’s 2019Q4 Advanced PV Technology Report includes:

  1. The global PV cell market status
  2. The development status of silicon wafers
  3. The development status of PERC cells
  4. The development status of N-Type cells
  5. The development status of bifacial modules
  6. The development status of mini modules

For more information, please download the full report here.


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