Advantech, thingnario Look to Dominate Green Energy Business via Taipower-Certified Full-Service Solution

published: 2021-04-08 9:30 | editor: | category: News

As part of its latest attempt at dominating the green energy market and hot on the heels of its successful “distribution renewable energy equipment” certification by Taipower, major industrial computer manufacturer Advantech recently announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with Taiwanese AI startup thingnario. The two companies have been gearing up to deliver a full-service energy-monitoring solution via Advantech’s ECU-1251 (Taipower edition) “industrial communication gateway” and thingnario’s cloud-hosted database. The two companies are currently promising a five-day lead time for its solutions in order to ensure maximum profitability for its clients.

Now that green energy has risen to the forefront of global electricity generation, Taiwan’s photovoltaic development has remained bullish thanks to the Taiwanese government’s proactive push, and competition in the domestic market has been intensifying as a result. In accordance with “The Smart Grid Master Plan” amended by the Executive Yuan on March 27, 2020, smart grids in Taiwan will start to feature systems-integrated smart grid functions. Furthermore, in order to ensure effective management of massive yet distributed PV electricity generation systems, Taipower has developed DREAMS (Distribution Renewable Energy Advanced Management System), which requires that renewable energy projects to be equipped with the capability of real-time feedback of electricity data. This capability is expected to increase Taipower’s smart power management competency, in turn ensuring the grid system’s stability.

In response to Taipower’s DREAMS requirements, Advantech indicates that the primary challenge facing renewable energy suppliers is choosing hardware and software vendors whose solutions deliver the requisite level of stability and technical specs. As well, suppliers must also finish the equipment installation and data verification of their projects within very tight deadlines in order to avoid delays in operation – and thus loss of profits – due to the newly instituted requirement of DREAMS.

In this light, Advantech has released the Taipower-certified ECU-1251 while partnering with thingnario for the latter’s professional competency in software development and track record of compatibility with hundreds of converters and electricity meters. thingnario’s service team is able to deliver a full suite of service including application, installation, and completion. As such, the company’s solutions form a perfectly complementary business relationship with Advantech’s hardware equipment to provide suppliers with the most cost-, time-, and labor-efficient electricity monitoring solutions.

In addition, one of the unique selling points that resulted from thingnario’s years-long development of PV monitoring solutions is that renewable energy suppliers can update their software online without needing to physically attend to their equipment. thingnario’s solutions allow suppliers to enjoy AI monitoring service over their PV projects via real-time monitoring of facilities; the AI is also able to send push notifications of equipment failures to their electricity consumers, conduct financial loss forecast, compile daily and monthly reports, and report on necessary repairs via various functional modules. All of the above functions can ensure a stable level of returns on PV suppliers’ investments. At the same time, Advantech is also open to collaborating with other partners to provide full-service solutions in order to more comprehensively meet the demands of more clients.

 (Image: TechNews)

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