Gogoro Breaks Out, All Cars Now Upgraded to New Belt Drive with Standard TPMS Plus Additional Compensation for Service Wait Time

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During their press conference on April 27,  Gogoro announced that all existing Gogoro 2 and Gogoro 3 series vehicles have been fully upgraded to the FLO Drive belt drive system and installed with standard tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). Most importantly, even with all of these upgrades, the price per scooter will remain unchanged.

After receiving a positive public response to their previous launch of the Viva Mix Belt upgrade, Gogoro has now decided to provide the FLO Drive belt drive system to all vehicle models.

“In the beginning, we had really only emphasized our own goals - we wanted to produce outstanding and impressive products. However, we are now more focused on placing the customers’ desires at the center of our attention.” Gogoro’s chief product officer Peng Mingyi stated. The company has changed their mindset, and are now humbled and ready to respond directly to customer opinions.

Under this new mindset, Gogoro launched Gogoro 2 Premium, Gogoro 3 Premium, and also upgraded versions of Gogoro S2 and Gogoro 2 Delight. Not only have the prices of their vehicles remain unchanged, but many new features were added with the updates.

The model is fully upgraded with standard tire pressure monitoring system

Within the 2 series, both the Gogoro 2 Premium (replacement for Gogoro 2 Plus) and the Gogoro 2 Delight have upgraded their motors to 7kW and replaced their chains with the FLO Drive belt drive system. These new upgrades will aid in lowering the burden of vehicle maintenance. Additionally, both car types have now been equipped with a standard TPMS, where users can now see the tire pressure index on the dashboard in real time. Warnings for dangerous pressure levels can also be set in the Gogoro app to further aid in convenient vehicle upkeep.

GoShare has also recently explained a new feature that comes with the recent upgrades. Both new scooter versions will provide a kickstand sensor switch, meaning that from now on, users will be able to shut off the engine no matter the position of the side rack or kickstand. In addition, headlights and tail lights can be smoked, and their bulbs have been replaced with a golden badge in order to improve texture.

Gogoro 2 Delight flaunts a unique pink coat that appears in a rose gold shade, a wonderful appeal to pink-loving customers.

Gogoro 3 Premium replaces Gogoro 3 Plus, and it brings an upgraded, and color-backlit dashboard. It is also equipped with a 7kW motor, FLO Drive, and a Super Boost Mode, indicated by a checkered flag on the dashboard when in use. To enhance suspension, Gogoro 3 Premium uses 12-inch lightweight wheels, where the front and rear wheels carry about 24% less weight than they did in previous models.

In addition to the hardware upgrades, Gogoro 3 Premium has also introduced the steering-sensing Smart headlight function, where turn signals are automatically shut off after the vehicle has completed a turn. Furthermore, current Gogoro 3 owners can also use the firmware upgrade to enable the new turn signals on their existing scooters. The pricing for this upgrade is NT$2,000 lower than the Gogoro 3 Plus at NT$76,980.

Beyond the previously mentioned models, the Gogoro S2 Performance series has also been upgraded. The Gogoro S2 has not only made the full switch to Michelin CITY GRIP SAVER tires, but it will now also be golden chain-equipped with lightweight aluminum alloy wheels and TPMS. The sales price will remain unchanged at NT$93,980.

Service upgrades, with no wait for warranty

Other than criticisms on scooter performance, Gogoro has long faced the issue of poor service. Customers have often complained about the long waiting time for maintenance and touch-ups. With this in mind, Gogoro has now expanded its service staffing extensively, along with altering maintenance procedures so that Gogoro branch stores now support convenient walk-in maintenance. Currently, about 38% of Gogoro’s product owners have chosen this walk-in option for service.

The current national average for vehicle maintenance is 3 days, and so from today, Gogoro has established that 3 days will also be their maintenance standard. If a customer has brought their vehicle in for maintenance from one of the six municipalities, maintenance must be completed within 3 days. If not, Gogoro has promised customers a NT$200 discount for additional vehicle accessories provided after service is completed.

If a vehicle malfunctions within the warranty period, Gogoro will also offer a free towing service. Gogoro has clarified that this service will only be offered in cases where the malfunction is an intrinsic problem with the scooter, and not in the case of car accidents or human error (the key is locked in the seat compartment, the battery has died due to owner negligence, etc).

After the release of its new scooter models and updates, Gogoro hopes to establish a reputation for high quality products as well as attract their existing customers to return for upgrades on the golden chain and TPMS before June 30th with a 12% discount. And after all users update the Gogoro app today, all scooters will be linked with iOS virtual assistant Siri and offer features that can be controlled with voice commands, including locking and unlocking the car, driving, or location tracking.

Moving beyond the Viva Mix release, Gogoro has undergone a comprehensive upgrade. The company truly offers a competitive product in terms of features and capability in comparison to other scooters at the same price point, and whether or not the company can regain its glory as Taiwan’s spearhead for electric scooter sales is yet to be seen by the market’s response.

(Image source: TechNews)

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