ST Releases Third-Gen SiC Products as Part of Effort to Expand Investments in EV/Industrial Applications

published: 2022-01-04 9:30 | editor: | category: News

Zeroing in on EV and industrial demand, ST announced the release of its third generation STPOWER SiC MOSFET, which represents an effort to bring ST’s latest technologies to EV powertrain and charging system applications, as well as applications aimed at meeting other targets in energy density, energy savings, and high reliability.

As the automotive market grows at an increasingly rapid pace, many automakers and parts suppliers have adopted 800V charging systems to both speed up the charging process and reduce vehicle weight. Furthermore, these new 800V charging systems allow automakers to manufacture vehicles with longer driving ranges.

As such, ST has developed its latest line of SiC power devices whose design is specifically optimized for high-end automotive applications, such as EV traction inverters, EV chargers, DC-to-DC converters, and electric air conditioning compressors. In addition, these products are also suitable for industrial applications, as they are able to deliver improved performances for motors, renewable energy generators, energy storage systems, power supplies for telecommunications, and data center power supplies.

ST has completed the necessary certifications for standards related to its third-generation SiC technology platform, products manufactured with which will likely reach commercial maturity by the end of the year. The company will provide components with rated voltages ranging from 650V and 750V to 1,200V, thereby providing more options for dev teams as a solution for applications including standard alternating current and high-voltage EV batteries as well as chargers. The first such products released to market include the SCT040H65G3AG and SCT160N75G3D8AG dies, with rated voltages of 650V and 750V, respectively.

Edoardo Merli, Power Transistor Macro-Division General Manager and Group Vice President of STMicroelectronics Automotive and Discrete Group, indicates that ST has continued to innovate chips and packaging technologies in order to provide clients with products that deliver optimized performance. By continually investing in and pushing automotive projects, ST’s SiC revenue for 2024 will likely reach US$1 billion.

 (Image: STMicroelectronics)

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