Benz Unveils Most Powerful EV EQXX at 0.17Cd Wind Resistance and Over 1000km in Driving Range

published: 2022-01-04 9:30 | editor: | category: News

The most powerful EV of Benz, Vision, EQXX, has finally been unveiled. What is so special about this EV that has more than 1000km of driving range?

Mercedes-Benz has finally unveiled its most powerful EV, Vision EQXX, which integrates the best of Benz’s existing electrification technology, whereas the optimal aerodynamic design paired with the most advanced battery technology have facilitated more than 1000km of driving range for the model on the stimulation system of Benz.

According to the test statistics announced by Benz, EQXX is able to drive for 9.6km per kilowatt-hour that can be converted into 10kWh/100km. EQXX is equipped with a 100kWh battery unit, which obviously equals a driving range of 1000km.

The flagship EV EQS of Benz has about 700km of driving range. EQXX uses a new type of battery that is 30% lighter than that of EQS, and measures at half of the size to the battery unit of EQS, which is attributable to the design concept provided by the F1 fleet design team of Benz that led to the challenge for a more extreme lightweight craftsmanship.

The driving range of EQS also has the design of the car body to thank for. The model has the lowest wind resistance in the history of production cars at 0.20 Cd. The figure has once again been lowered to 0.17 Cd for EQXX that manages to drastically decrease energy consumption.

EQXX became the best Benz model in wind resistance by combing multiple optimized designs.

In addition, EQXX is adopted with 3D printing and biometrics for the purpose of reducing excessive components and car weight. The body frame of the vehicle uses a native BEV architecture paired with F1 subframe, as well as exclusively made ultra-low rolling resistance tires and lightweight magnetic wheels. The integration of BEV and racing car deigns has birthed this powerful EV at merely 1750kg.

Solar panels are an indispensable component when it comes to advanced technology. The roof of EQXX is installed with 117 units of ultra-thin solar panels, which would produce enough power for 25km of driving range in a single day under an ideal scenario.

The driving range of this model has not undergone EPA or WLTP tests, so we can only refer from the data yielded by the manufacturer’s stimulation test, but even a slight reduction of 20% would still render a driving range of 800km and above.

EQXX still comes with a steering wheel despite being a concept car.

Perhaps the attraction of EQXX does not lie on the exterior but the interior design, where the 47.5” ultra-large display exudes significant difference as opposed to the EQS Hyperscreen that is mounted together using three separate monitors. The display of EQXX is a single panel that offers 8K resolution, which is similar to stuffing a TV into the cockpit. 

The battery unit of EQXX weighs merely 495kg.

With all that being said, Vision EQXX is only a concept car right now, though its design might just be a bit too rustic for a concept car, which prompts fans to somewhat anticipate for the concept to turn into a production model. Nonetheless, the battery technology of EQXX is bound to become the most crucial core advantage for Benz in mass producing EVs.

 (Photo source: Daimler)

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