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Modules Developed by Acer Subsidiary MPS, Ideal, and Ligitek Adopted by European Service Providers

published: 2022-07-01 9:30

Battery module developer Mobile Power System (MPS), a subsidiary of Acer that focuses on the electrical control modules of E-Bike, had managed to penetrate into the E-Bike platform this month by joining hands with global bicycle manufacturer Ideal and major LED supplier Ligitek, with the product having adopted by multiple European service providers.

The pandemic has altered commuting habits, and the demand for private transportations is slowly rising. E-Bike that focuses on manpower first then power has become a new option for the public in choosing transportations, which not only facilitates movement between offices and homes, but also preserves physical strength through power assistance. In addition, the E-Bike is powered by electricity, which highlights its eco-friendly advantages, and is starting to become the secondary transportation outside of cars for many European customers.

As a professional developer for the electrical systems of E-Bike, MPS offers integrated R&D solutions for batteries, electrical controls, and motors, in order to fulfill the diversified demand of the E-Bike market.

Differentiating from general E-Bike electrical system developers, MPS is not only responsible for component assemblages, but also emphasizes the indigeneity and integrity of systems, as well as probes into software integration by providing a parameter-adjustable App and optimizing the riding experience that is pursued by various cycling brands.

MPS assimilated LED production R&D of Ligitek and applies the power-conserving and diversity features of LED onto the headlight of the E-Bike in order to strengthen the product’s design and functions. In addition, the collocation with Ideal’s comprehensive and one-stop assembly process, as well as the incorporation of automated robots to elevate production quality and efficiency, and the constantly improving design synergy in frames over recent year, are allowing better smoothness and convenience in riding E-Bike.

Bryan Yeh, General Manager of MPS, commented Taiwan has the capability of manufacturing bicycles of high unit prices, and that it has numerous talents of electrical engineering in the electrical control field. Yeh said that MPS is proud to be working with Ideal and Ligitek on the march towards Europe’s E-Bike subscription market. E-Bike is a new-generation product formed with electronic control and bicycle, and it would be a team match for the market competition, where the assimilation of both technology and platform sharing will become the key to success.

 (Cover photo source: shutterstock)

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