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Gogoro's High-level Organizational Adjustment to Accelerate Expansion in Overseas Markets

published: 2022-10-03 9:30

Gogoro issued an announcement today to launch a large-scale organizational adjustment, hoping to further improve the company's efficiency. Their goals are to "enhance customer experience" and "accelerate global expansion." Three of the senior positions have new arrangements.

First of all, Gogoro will integrate product sales, after-sales service of electric scooters, operation and maintenance of the Gogoro Network and GoShare, Taiwan-related marketing, operation management, and public relations under one unit. Henry Chiang, former head of GoShare, will serve as president of the Gogoro Taiwan market, responsible for business development and management in Taiwan.

Secondly, in order to allow Gogoro to expand to overseas markets more efficiently, Alan Pan, the current head of Gogoro Network, will serve as Gogoro's chief revenue officer. This new position will be in charge of the company's revenue strategy planning and lead the team to pay attention to Gogoro's revenue strategy and overseas development. In addition to this, Kaushik Burman will serve as president of the India market, leading Gogoro's business development in India.

Finally, in order to strengthen the operating efficiency of the group, Pass Liao, who was the head of Gogoro Solutions, will be promoted to Chief Operating Officer of Gogoro. The various operating departments at the company headquarters include quality control, procurement, supply chain management, production, equipment, and general affairs will report to the Chief Operating Officer. In this new role, he will oversee the day-to-day operations of the company, and enforce operational standards, budgets, and cost controls.

In short, the three principles originally responsible for GoShare, Gogoro swap stations and the PBGN platform will all be responsible for major tasks in the new global-scale organizational structure. There is no doubt that the latest quarterly financial report will be released in November. Even if a beautiful revenue report card cannot be delivered, at least there must be a clear development plan in order to keep investors' confidence.

In terms of the current Taiwan electric scooter market, although Gogoro's growth has continued, its speed has slowed. If it cannot achieve a certain level of results in India and Southeast Asia this year, there will be a huge pressure on the operations team.


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