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Another Global Milestone! Tongwei Becomes One of Suppliers of High-Efficiency Shingled Modules for the Largest PV Plant in Europe

published: 2022-11-04 13:58

Tongwei recently announced to have reached an agreement with Solaria, a leading PV enterprise in Southern Europe. Tongwei Terra shingled modules will facilitate the establishment of the Cifuentes-Trillo solar PV complex. Situating at Spain, the plant occupies more than 1,000 hectares at a total capacity of 626MW, and will become one of the largest solar PV plant in Europe. With the significant increment of module shipment, Tongwei will be responsible for supplying part of module products, which proves that the company has won high recognition in the European market.

Source: Solaria

Tongwei Develops in European Module Market Aggressively alongside Giant PV Developer 

Solaria, a leading PV developer in Southern Europe, is regarded as one of the three major PV enterprises in Europe. Under the support from the Castilla-La Manchathe government, Solaria is expected to invested €220 million in establishing the Trillo 626 MW PV complex, which could create 4,000 job opportunities throughout the construction that will considerably resolves the reduction of local rural households and employment difficulties. As reported, after initiating operation, this project can provide clean energy for more than 370,000 households and reduce 250,000 tons of carbon each year, making it a substantial driver of local energy transformation. As a key driving force in the development of global new energy industry, Tongwei has joined hands with Solaria, and is now accelerating the sustainable development of PV energy by fully exerting its leading advantages in the PV industry.

Another Milestone! Tongwei is Fully Deployed to Enter the International Market

The Terra shingled module series are advantageous in high power, eco-friendly, and low hot-spot. Tongwei, from R&D to production, strictly adheres to requirements of high efficiency, high standards, and low energy consumption, where the product design concept, as well as green and smart manufacturing, fully manifest the significance of sustainable development in PV industry. Solaria’s prominent recognition on Tongwei Terra modules has further widened its brand influence, which is undoubtedly yet another essential breakthrough for Tongwei in the European PV market. Remarkably, having been awarded the carbon footprint certification (ECS) by French authoritative institution Certisolis for its Terra shingled modules, Tongwei module products strictly are now in line with mainstream global standards and requirements, and the enterprise makes full effort to expand the international market.

Tongwei Terra-5c shingled module

Expedition on Green and Intelligent Manufacturing to Contribute to Clean Energy Development

The demand for clean energy has been surging rapidly in Europe due to climate change and energy shortages. Tongwei, as a vertically integrated leading PV enterprise in the world, possesses comprehensive competitiveness in market dominance. Reigning as the leader in the upstream polysilicon industry, Tongwei is capable of producing 230,000 tons of high-purity crystal silicon in 2022, ranking 1st in the world. For the midstream, Tongwei has become an enterprise with the largest cell capacity and shipment, the most profitability, the lowest cost, the highest operating rate and the fastest construction speed in the world for several consecutive years. Tongwei is expected to arrive at 70GW of cell capacity by the end of 2022. Amidst the accelerating deployment of the entire industry, Tongwei is heavily engaged in its configuration of high-efficiency module territories, and is estimated to attain 14GW of module capacity by the end of 2022. Relying on the superiority in scale, technology, cost, and quality, Tongwei has formed an all-round PV industry chain with independent intellectual property rights. 

Expediting on the deployment of high-efficiency module products is the inevitable path for Tongwei in accelerating green and intelligent manufacturing, as well as probing into the energy revolution. Now, Tongwei has established sufficient brand trust and influence in the global sector, and will actively contribute to the construction of clean, high-efficiency, and low-carbon energy systems by precisely concatenating with the international market and continuously devoting itself to the development of renewable energy.

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