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EnergyTrend:PV Industry Supply Chain Price(2022/11/2~2022/11/9)

published: 2022-11-14 17:24

According to the quotation from EnergyTrend, on November 9, 2022, the RMB price of mono recycled polysilicon is RMB308/KG; the mono grade polysilicon is RMB305/KG. The US dollar price of polysilicon outside China is US$37.625/KG.

M10 mono wafers are quoted at RMB7.37/Pc in RMB and $0.954/Pc in US dollars. The RMB quotation for G12 mono wafers is RMB9.71/Pc. The US dollar price of G12 mono wafers is $1.27/Pc.

The price of M6 mono perc cells is RMB1.29/W in RMB and the price in US dollars is US$0.183/W. The RMB price of M10 mono perc cell is RMB1.34/W; the latest quotation of G12 mono perc cell is RMB1.32/W.

355-365/430-440W monoc perc modules are quoted at RMB1.91/W in RMB and US$0.265/W in US dollars. The price of 182mm facial mono perc module and 210mm facial mono perc module are both RMB1.97/W. The price of 182mm bifacial mono perc module and 210mm bifacial mono perc module is RMB2/W.

The RMB quotations for 2.0mm coating pv glass and 3.2mm coating pv glass were RMB21.5/㎡ and RMB28/㎡ respectively. 

Source: EnergyTrend

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