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Port of Singapore to Prohibit Purchase of Fuel-Powered Workboats as It Moves towards Zero Carbon Emissions

published: 2023-03-29 9:30

The Port of Singapore, which is regarded to be one of the busiest ports in the world, has recently made a significant move towards achieving complete decarbonization.

According to a recent statement by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), which regulates the maritime industry in the country, from 2030 onwards, all newly acquired equipment and vessels in the Port of Singapore must be zero-emission. This means all harbor craft acquired for use in the port must use either pure electric, hydrogen or B100 biofuels, which are classified as "zero-emission" vessels.

The announcement by the MPA marks the first step in Singapore's highly ambitious zero-emissions plan, which aims to have all harbor craft in the port become zero-emission vessels by 2050. Harbor crafts, including tugboats, patrol boats, pilot boats, and ferries, play a vital role in the smooth operation of ships in the port and are responsible for transporting important personnel and goods. These vessels usually have smaller engines, and are easier to electrify compared to giant cargo ships.

Singapore's commitment to achieving zero carbon emissions is progressing rapidly, with the first pure electric passenger vessel in the country set to begin service this year, and the first electric charging station for boats is also scheduled to be launched at around the same period. A large charging station that can serve more vessels is also planned for completion in 2025.

Manufacturers who are interested in bidding for the production of zero-emission vessels in the country's port can currently submit their proposals to the MPA. Although the requirement for zero-emissions in harbor crafts is an ambitious plan, their stability and safety are still a critical priority for the MPA. It is believed that these new zero-carbon vessels will need to be tested extensively before they can be used in the Port of Singapore.

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