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Source Global's Solar Panels Create Drinking Water in Arid Conditions, Paving Way for Global Freshwater Solutions

published: 2023-06-14 9:30

US manufacturer Source Global has introduced a cutting-edge solar module technology capable of producing potable water even in environments with relative humidity less than 10%. This innovation, which costs almost USD 3,000 per unit, may offer a sustainable solution to imbalanced global fresh water distribution, enabling access to drinking water in desert regions.

Source Global, previously known as Zero Mass Water, touts itself as the creator of the world’s first renewable drinking water system. Its Hydropanel technology harnesses the power of the sun to rotated embedded fans within the solar panels. Sponge-like material captures water vapor, which is then converted into water using the internal heat generated. The final step involves adding minerals like magnesium and calcium to the water for mineralization, thus creating a tastier and cleaner water source.

The company states that their commercial and residential R3 Hydropanels have a life expectancy of about 15 years, and can function even when the air humidity drops to 10%.

Source Global has already deployed commercial panels in remote areas, indigenous communities, campsites, and arid desert regions. Additionally, the company has established its first ‘water farm’ in Oman. However, this solar panel comes with a hefty price tag. A residential solar panel costs US$2,950 each, which includes a deposit, a home connection kit, and warranty. They are sold in pairs, capable of generating 4 to 10 liters of clean water daily, depending on consumers’ requirements.

 (Image Source: Source Global)

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