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HJT Photovoltaic Cells Detonate A-Share Market! Nearly 20 Companies Rose More than 10 Percent

published: 2024-05-23 17:01

On May 22, photovoltaic plate ushered in a collective crazy, which HJT cell concept rose the most notable. Risen Energy, Golden Solar disk sealed 20% stop, the rest, including Guosheng Energy Technology, Jinchen Corp, Cybrid Technologies, Shanghai Tianchen Co.,Ltd. have also locked 10% stop, the rest of the more than 10% increase in photovoltaic enterprises is close to 20.

In the photovoltaic leading enterprises, JA Solar, TCL Zhonghuan, Aiko Solar, Tong Wei Co.,Ltd. touched a halt during the plate, Trina Solar, Jinko Solar rose more than 10%.

For today's photovoltaic anomaly, the market has three major news.

First, recently in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, under the guidance of the Electronic Information Division, China Photovoltaic Industry Association held a “forum on the high-quality development of the photovoltaic industry”, the meeting proposed to encourage industry mergers and reorganization, smooth market exit mechanism, and will strengthen the below-cost price of sales for the fight against unhealthy competition. The meeting made it clear that the photovoltaic industry should solve the current industry dilemma through market-oriented means, but should also give full play to the role of the government's tangible hand.

Second, recently, Saudi Arabia intends to invest $500 billion to develop green energy, get rid of oil dependence, transformation of science and technology innovation. The first batch will build several world-class photovoltaic projects, the market believes that Chinese manufacturers are expected to get the largest share.

Third, HJT PV cell heat is correlated with soaring silver prices.

Silver paste, as one of the important auxiliary materials for PV cells, is the second most costly material in PV cell  in addition to wafers, accounting for about 10%. In the current PV competition is fierce background, reduce silver consumption is the industry's most concerned about the link.

Recently, with silver prices breaking through 11-year highs in one fell swoop, HJT cells have been widely noticed by the market with a clearer route to reduce silver - silver-coated copper technology. The market believes that the current round of silver prices are also expected to stimulate the reduction of silver consumption of new technologies to accelerate the introduction.

 At present, because of the low-temperature silver paste process, HJT cells are more suitable for the replacement of silver-clad copper technology, cost reduction route is clear.


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