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LONGi Launches Hi-MO X6 Max Product Family

published: 2024-05-24 17:24

At 9:00 a.m. on May 23, the launch of LONGi Hi-MOX6 Max series products was held in Jiaxing factory. As the first "Lighthouse Factory"  in the global photovoltaic industry, LONGi Jiaxing factory was also opened to the public for the first time since it was selected.

At this conference, LONGi officially launched Hi-MO X6 Max series products, which is also the first large-scale switching of LONGi's rectangular wafer-based products following the agreement reached by nine companies on July 7, 2023 on the module size standard and by six companies on August 8, 2023 on the wafer size (wafer size: 182.2×191.6mm; module size: 2382×1134mm).

In order to better meet the needs of distributed customers, Hi-MO X6 Max series products, on the basis of taking over the core values of Hi-MO X6, are equipped with the new LONGi TaiRay Inside technology and continue the excellent genes of HPBC cells. With the M11 rectangular wafers known as the “golden size” and the industry-standard module size of 2,382×1,134mm, the company has realized a new breakthrough in product stability, reliability and power generation efficiency.

The size of the photovoltaic industry has a long history of dispute. The lack of uniformity in size not only leads to rising costs upstream and downstream of the entire industrial chain, but also increases the cost of terminal power plant design and supply chain risks. Promoting the unification of wafer and module sizes can not only reduce the waste of materials due to the adaptation of different sizes and simplify the supply chain, but also reduce the workload of power plant design, avoid mis-installation and mis-installation of the system installation, and facilitate the management of the later operation and maintenance.

On July 7, 2023, LONGi and 8 enterprises in the industry reached a consensus on the standardized dimensions of the 238Xmm*1134mm module for the new generation of rectangular wafers in the medium version after full and in-depth communication. Subsequently, on August 8, six enterprises, including LONGi, jointly announced that they had reached a consensus on the standardized dimensions of rectangular wafers 191.Xmm used in the 72-plate model, i.e., rectangular wafer margins of 182.2mm*191.6mm and rectangular wafer diameter of 262.5mm.

So far, the boisterous “size dispute” has come to an end, and the next step involves the production line transformation and switching of the relevant enterprises. It is also based on this, coupled with a breakthrough in the mass production of LONGi's TaiRay wafers and self-researched HPBC technology, that the Hi-MO X6 Max series of integrated M11-sized (182.2mm×191.6mm) Hi-MO X6 Max module products equipped with TaiRay Inside technology and HPBC cell technology were born.

Regarding the upgrade of Hi-MO X6 Max, Lu Yuan, head of LONGi Green Energy's Product and Solution Center, said, “From the perspective of customers' power generation revenue, the size represents the maximization of benefits, which has gained the recognition and affirmation of the customers; from the perspective of the engineering partners and auxiliary material partners, the normalization is conducive to the optimal cost of the whole PV industry, merging the demand, and creating value together. From the perspective of logistics and transportation, the container can maximize the use of space and save transportation costs for customers.”

Taking the 72 version as an example, the Hi-MO X6 Max module can effectively reduce the transportation cost by about 0.44 cents/W compared with the regular Hi-MO X6 module products, and achieve 98.5% container utilization; the BOS cost at the installation end is reduced by up to 3.57% (about 3 cents/W). In terms of enhancing customer revenue, compared with module products of the same specification with 210R wafers, Hi-MO X6 Max module products using M11 wafers have lower current, which can effectively reduce current transmission cable loss by 9% and enhance power generation revenue by 0.1%.

In addition to inheriting the “three highs” of Hi-MO X6 series products: high quality, high technology and high reliability, the upgrade is also an upgrade in the three dimensions of “new technology, new size and new products”. The new technology represents the innovative technology and reliable quality brought by the first time equipped with TaiRay Inside technology, superimposed with HPBC high-efficiency cell technology; the new size represents the first switch after the unification of the size standard, which brings synergy and win-win situation for the upstream and downstream of the industry chain; and the new product means that the Hi-MO X6 Max not only inherits the products of Hi-MO X6 such as the anti-gray accumulation and humidity and heat-resistant design, but also introduces the Artist (Extreme Black) series into the series, which is a new product with the same design and features. Artist (Ultimate Black) series into the distributed market, reflecting the new experience brought by LONGi's full series of products that always focus on grasping the industry trend and gaining in-depth insight into user needs.

Source: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/63lBu-WHHaUNqWZm9A9Maw

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