This Week’s Spot Price (October 26~30)

published: 2015-10-31 22:46 | editor: | category: Price Trend

Strong market demand has been driving the raise of spot prices among the solar supply chain since the start of the third quarter. However, price trend of polysilicon remains weak due to over supply. In China, strike price of polysilicon fluctuates between RMB112~113/kg, while some plumped down to US$13/kg in Taiwan. The trend of polysilicon’s spot prices has been restricted by over supply even the orders from downstream market are intensive. The price trend of polysilicon is projected to remain flat in near future. Meanwhile, international manufacturers such as REC and Hemlock’s transactions in China will be tougher in 2016 because of China’s trade barriers.

Nonetheless, supply shortage went toward wafers and drove the price raise. Tremendous PV installations emerging in China triggered the overwhelming demand to wafers, and wafer manufacturers’ capacities are mostly booked until early 2016. The supply shortage in China led to a upward trend of wafer’s spot price, which has topped RMB6.15/pc reported by leading manufacturers. Likewise, wafer’s price trend in Taiwan was spurred by the price raise of PV cells, and is possible to reach US$0.83~0.84/pc in November. Some Taiwan PV cells manufacturers are booking wafer capacity in November and early December in order to secure the wafer supply.

Price trend of PV cells remains upwards in this week. Some Taiwanese PV cell manufacturers reported US$0.33/W spot price for cells with 17.8% efficiency. Cell supply in China was also short so the spot price RMB2.35/W was reached. Future trend is expected to continue rising.

In terms of price trend of PV modules, demand from Chinese PV power plants is looming, so first-tier manufacturers have been producing by full capacity in the recent. Some vendor are shipping 260W modules under price of RMB4.05/W, and the spot prices are still raising week by week. Spot price of mono-si PV modules are also raised along with the upward trend of multi-si PV modules’ spot prices.

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