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Price Trend: Industry Enters a Period of Adjustments, Trend of the Strong Is Becoming More and More Obvious

published: 2018-06-28 17:46

The market is about to enter the third quarter of recuperation. All manufacturers have to come up with a solution to maintain their operations. The first-tier manufacturers have relied on the advantage of integrated resources from the upstream and downstream segments of the supply chain, and the new policy won’t significantly affect their supply and demand. Faced with the pressure of survival, the smaller manufacturers are selling their products aggressively at the expense of profits. Some manufacturers who couldn’t make it under the industry’s new policy will have to rely on stronger companies such as first-tier integrated manufacturers to stabilize the development of the industry.


This week, the capacity of polysilicon has been affected due to routine maintenance, yet, the price of multi-si material still decreased to RMB 75-90/KG. The primary goal of first-tier manufacturers is to stabilize the actual transaction price at RMB 80/KG. The price of mono-si material dropped to RMB 90-110/KG. The difference between multi-si and mono-si polysilicon was still around RMB 20/KG. In terms of overseas material, polysilicon was traded per long-term contract at US$13.5/KG, and the price of short-term orders didn’t change much.


The leading manufacturers of mono-si wafer lowered their quote prices this week, boosting the decrease of spot price of mono-si wafer in China to RMB 3.26-3.45/pc and US$0.445-0.495/pc for overseas price. On the other hand, first-tier manufacturers of multi-si wafer reduced operating rate and inventory. Besides, with the appearance of module trading from downstream, the previous decreasing trend of multi-si wafer was stabilized. Chinese domestic and overseas prices remained at RMB 2.3-2.45/Pc and US$0.34/pc respectively.

PV cell

This week, mono-si PV cell price dropped largely owing to the decrease of si-wafer price. Price of general mono-si PV cell decreased to RMB 1.2-1.25/W and RMB 1.35-1.43/W for high-efficiency mono-si. In terms of multi-si, because of the large number of orders, the price of regular PV cell remained at RMB 0.90-1.02/W; overseas price dropped to US$0.133-0.140/W.


This week, the module market showed signs of retreating. The general multi-si module price fell within RMB 1.80-2.20/W. The main demand came from markets other than China. So far, general mono-si module has not yet reflected the upstream price reduction, thus, the price was RMB 2.50-2.60/W. There has been US$0.26/W of module quote in the international market, and the transaction prices of third-party countries have been less than US$0.30/W.

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