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Price Trend: Overseas Demand and Orders from Vertically Integrated Manufacturers Contribute to Price Stability

published: 2018-07-05 17:00

This week, prices of sectors presented mixed results. The upstream polysilicon companies kept their prices from dropping too much through proper overhaul and inventory reduction. The decrease in price for multi-si wafer last week resulted in the decline of downstream PV cell and module prices. Yet, due to overseas orders and the orders from vertically integrated manufacturers, prices of some sectors even increased slightly. In the future, the market is expected to witness two extreme conditions: stable supply and demand for well-developed companies and constant sell-off for the weak ones.


This week, there have been benefits of reducing capacity on the polysilicon market: the first-tier manufacturers monitored the supply effectively in order to raise prices on the proper time; for the second- and third-tier manufacturers or even traders, they have increased RMB 2-3/KG. The price of multi-si material this week remained at RMB 78-90/KG, and the reasonable price range for the first-tier manufacturers was RMB 80-85/KG. The price of mono-si material remained at RMB 90-110/KG. The difference between multi-si and mono-si polysilicon was still around RMB 20/KG. The overseas polysilicon manufacturers have set up the stop loss point. Besides the unchanged price of long-term contracts, for the rest of the contracts, the deal would be cancelled if the price became too low.


Owing to the decrease of stock level of multi-si wafer in China and module orders, multi-si wafer price this week can remain at RMB 2.35-2.5/Pc. In terms of mono-si wafer, the price was RMB 3.26-3.45/Pc. Overseas prices of mono-si and multi-si wafer were the same, which were US$0.445-0.495/Pcand US$0.32-0.35/Pc, respectively. Overall, si-wafer price this week was unchanged.

PV cell

This week, mono-si PV cell price declined. Quoted price of the general mono-si PV cell decreased to RMB 1.05-1.15/W. For high-efficiency mono-si, the price experienced a steeper decline and reached RMB 1.2-1.3/W. Overseas prices also dropped. The general mono-si PV cell price fell to US$0.155-0.175/W and high-efficiency mono-si PV cell price shed to US$0.180-0.195/W. In terms of multi-si, because of the large amount of orders, regular PV cell price grew slightly and reached RMB 0.98-1.07/W; overseas price remained at US$0.133-0.14/W.


The module market trend this week was similar to last week. Most of the general multi-si module prices could reach RMB 2/W. The overall price range for multi-si module was around RMB2.0-2.35/W. For mono-si module, due to the price reduction of upstream PV cell, the price declined. So far, the general mono-si module price has decreased to RMB 2.25-2.35/W. High-efficiency mono-si price was RMB2.35-2.50/W with greater decrease. Overseas market didn’t change much, which may be related to the completion of existing orders.

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