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Price Trend: Overall Supply and Demand on the Market Becomes Stable, Fluctuation on Chinese Market Extends to Overseas Market

published: 2018-07-12 17:59

The supply and demand on the market have reached a balance since last week. At this point, it isn’t necessarily beneficial to increase or decrease the capacity. Yet, due to the reappearance of stable orders on the market, the previous expansion plans are likely to be implemented. In terms of the current situation, well-developed companies will have a large business space, and those who have faced various problems will have to wait for the opportunity to retreat.


In the polysilicon market, many are obviously waiting for the market’s activity to return to normal. As of this week, there were still signs of reduced production and negative transactions. In terms of reduced production, although there were at least 12 manufacturers lowering the production in China and the margin reached nearly 50%, most first-tier manufacturers carried out the expansion plan in order to execute the signed orders. Thus, two extreme conditions were displayed.

So far, the price of multi-si material in China has remained at RMB 77-90/KG. The actual transaction price of first-tier manufacturers was RMB 80-85/KG. The price of mono-si material reached RMB 90-100/KG.

The price reduction on the Chinese market has influenced the overseas dealers. Besides the higher cost of electricity price in the summer, some manufacturers conducted the annual overhaul or lowered the production, with the margin of 50%. Thus, this may also be helpful to slow down the price reduction. So far, overseas mainstream multi-si material price has remained at US$10.0-13.0/KG. The upper limit of the spot transaction price was about US$13.0/KG, and the long-term price could reach the level of US$12.0-12.5/KG.


This week, the si-wafer market basically became stable. Whether mono-si or multi-si, the fluctuation between price, supply and demand was more moderate. The price of multi-si wafer has reached RMB 2.40-2.50/Pc, and the price of mono-si wafer has remained at RMB3.20-3.37/Pc. There was no obvious change for the prices on the overseas market. Prices of mono-si and multi-si have reached US$0.445-0.455/Pc and US$0.32-0.345/Pc, respectively.

PV cell

The demand of mono-si PV cell this week didn’t disappear despite the end of the June 30th deadline. The orders of Chinese first-tier manufacturers were full,and even new orders were thrown out from time to time. The overall price of overseas market dropped. Therefore, the attitude towards new purchase orders is conservative, and it is difficult to increase the transaction price even if there is strong demand.

So far, price of generalmono-si PV cell in China has remained at RMB1.05-1.15/W, and high-efficiency mono-si PV cell price has decreased to RMB 1.20-1.28/W. For multi-si PV cell, there were price increases for major manufacturers and easing of price reduction for minor manufacturers. Price was mainly affected by the orders of first-tier manufacturers. The general multi-si PV cell price has remained at RMB 0.98-1.10/W.

In terms of overseas market, because of fewer factors of disturbance, the existing orders were conducted. So far, the general mono-si PV cell price has been US$0.155-0.160/W, and high-efficiency mono-si PV cell price has slightly shed to US$0.179-0.183/W. Due to the large amount of orders for multi-si PV cell, the price could be stabilized at US$0.133-0.136/W.


Like the PV cell market, the situation in the module market was steady. The price range of multi-si module in China was RMB 1.90-2.35/W. For mono-si module, price fell slightly owing to the slowdown in demand after June 30. The general mono-si module price was in the range of RMB 2.25-2.30/W. The price of high-efficiency mono-si module slightly decreased to RMB 2.35-2.50/W.

Due to prices in Chinese market, mono-si module price in overseas market hit a new low. As a result of technological differences, the general mono-si modules had price gaps, ranging from US$0.29-0.40/W. Price of high-efficiency mono-si module has dropped slightly, by US$0.326-0.410/W. Price of multi-si module didn’t change much, and the range of US$0.260-0.299/W was still maintained.

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