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Cells Showing Signs of Stabilization as Various Segments of Industry Chain Continue to Drop in Prices

published: 2023-05-25 17:50


Polysilicon prices continued to drop this week, where mono-Si compound feedings and mono-Si dense materials were concluded at a respective mainstream price of RMB 127/kg and RMB 125/kg. Businesses are still focused on weekly negotiations this week, where some businesses are seeing an improvement in polysilicon orders recently, with no excessive quantity for further signing before the end of the month. However, multiple downstream wafer businesses are planning to lower 20% of operating rate for the short term, which could lead to a stronger expectation on weakening polysilicon demand, while the constantly increasing supply of polysilicon would further widen the difference between supply and demand, and will expedite the declination of polysilicon prices as a result.


Wafer prices saw a slight fluctuation this week, where M10 and G12 were concluded at a respective mainstream price of RMB 4.15/pc and RMB 6/pc. As the end of the month draws near, the wait-and see sentiment is amplifying within the market amidst industrial exhibitions, with a continuous reduction of upstream raw material cost following an average level of market transactions. Wafers are seeing an on-going drop of prices for the purpose of ridding inventory, though G12 wafers, due to a better prospect from the downstream sector, are starting to exhibit a stabilization. Most wafer businesses have lowered their operating rate, though the level of wafer inventory will persist for the time being as adjustments will require a period of time. Wafer prices, after inventory is exhausted and the increment of output becomes restricted under a low operating rate, could welcome a small rebound.


Cell prices had also dropped this week, where M10, G12, and M10 mono-Si TOPCon cells were concluded at a respective mainstream price of RMB 0.92/W, RMB 0.98/W, and RMB 1.03/W. Cell prices are following up with the price reduction seen from upstream polysilicon and wafers, though the decrement has been smaller than that of last week, and the relatively aggressive procurement from the module segment has provided a certain extent of support towards cell prices. Cell prices are starting to exhibit signs of stabilization under an improved degree of orders, and could continue to fluctuate at a smaller degree alongside the incessant drop of cost.


Module prices had drop significantly this week, where 182 & 210 mono-Si single-sided PERC modules were respectively priced at RMB 1.63/W and RMB 1.65/W, while 182 & 210 bifacial double-glass mono-Si PERC modules were respectively priced at RMB 1.65/W and RMB 1.67/W.

The continuous price suppression from the end sector, together with the reduction of upstream cell prices, had led to a sizable drop of module prices this week. Datang recently opened bids to its 8GW centralized module procurement, with P-type modules seeing a tender range of RMB 1.47-1.655/W. A portion of end projects is expected to initiate successively under the apparent drop of overall module prices, and module prices could stabilize alongside that of cell prices.

In terms of auxiliary materials, glass prices were stable this week, where 3.2mm and 2.0mm glass were respectively priced at RMB 26/㎡ and roughly RMB 18.5/㎡. Module makers are now relatively cautious towards procurement as PV glass is on the verge of entering a new round of pricing cycle, and overall market transactions are seeing no major fluctuations, followed by a slow increase in partial inventory.

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