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With Price Gap Narrowing Down, Mono-Si Wafer May Seize Market Share of Multi-Si Wafer

published: 2013-09-18 18:59

The chairman of Xi’an LONGi Silicon Materials Corp., Mr. Zhen Guo Lee, recently indicates that mono-si wafers are likely to seize the market share of multi-si wafers. Current market price for 6-inch mono-si wafers is about RMB$8/piece and that for multi-si wafers is about RMB$6/piece. The price gap is around RMB$2/piece. In addition, LONGi’s non-silicon cost will drop to US$12/Watt by the end of the year.

Mr. Lee further indicates that Kyocera, Mitsubishi, LG, and Neo Solar Power have shifted to mono-si cell production. With demand boosting, LONGi’s mono-si wafer shipment and overseas market share have also continuously increased. “LONGi’s monthly wafer capacity is about 2.5 million pieces, among which, 70% of total shipment is shipping to the worldwide market” Said Mr. Lee.

Some analysts believe that strong demand from Japan has triggered mono-si market to explode. Japan’s amount of solar system installations is expected to rise from 3GW in 2012 to 6GW-7GW and it will be maintained at 6GW-7GW in the next two years. Germany and Italy will also have a certain amount of mono-si wafer demand. Regarding the gap between mono-si and multi-si wafer demand, it could be because mono-si module price is relatively high, thus if cost drops, it’s possible that mono-si wafers will seize the market share of multi-si wafers.

Mr. Lee further discloses that LONGi has strengthened the partnership with China Power Investment Corporation (CPI) and will supply wafers to CPI’s mono-si module plant located in Xi’an. In the first half of 2013, LONGi’s net sales reached RMB970 million, a 21.73% rise YoY. The net income attributable to stockholders is RMB20.95 million. Compared to the net loss of RMB15.91million in the first quarter, the company has successfully turned around losses.

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