SunPower Dealers Celebrate Earth Day with Their Customers

published: 2015-04-23 11:48 | editor: | category: News

This year, U.S. organizations and business with SunPower’s solar power systems celebrated Earth Day with their SunPower dealers who locally owned and operated the systems. SunPower’s solar installations help these organizations and business to save energy as well as electricity bill, while contributing to the environment.

Some of the new SunPower systems unveiled this month include the following:

  • The Willow School, an independent coeducational elementary and middle school in Gladstone, N.J., is holding a ribbon-cutting today for its new Health, Wellness & Nutrition Center (HWNC). The new facility includes a 165-kilowatt SunPower solar power system installed by Geoscape Solar. The SunPower system is estimated to deliver 100% of the power required for the HWNC, as well as 25% of the power required for the rest of its campus operations.
  • Wedgewood, a real estate investment and management company in Redondo Beach, Calif., is unveiling a 625kW SunPower system installed by Xero Solar. The company anticipates the system to meet 75% of the office's energy needs and power 28 electric car charging stations.
  • Campbell Church of Christ and Campbell Christian School in Campbell, Calif. has four new solar carports totaling 183kW of SunPower solar panels installed by Vista Solar. The church secure financing through a power purchase agreement and designed the system to offset 97% of the organization's electricity bill.

"We join our SunPower dealers in congratulating business owners and organization leaders nationwide who are choosing to celebrate Earth Day with reliable, high performance SunPower systems," said Howard Wenger, president, business units. "SunPower systems deliver 45% more energy than conventional solar panels in the first year of operation. After 25 years, the difference will grow to 80% more energy."

SunPower has approximately 500 solar installers in its U.S. network, and approximately 1,200 dealers worldwide. 

(Photo: screenshot of SunPower's website)

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