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Benefituser Launches the 3rd-Generation Solar Cell Color and Appearance Sorting Machine

published: 2015-11-03 15:20

Benefituser Co., Ltd has launched the third generation solar cell color and appearance sorting machine, which designed specifically for solving problems of solar cell color difference and appearance defects. The device is mainly through the contactless visual inspection method and CCD image system, taking pictures for solar cells. By analyzing and processing images, the machine classifies solar cells to meet the actual needs of customers.

The machine enjoy features:

  • Throughout/day: 72,000 pcs
  • Double camera: 5M, 14M, Germany imported
  • 24 Sorting station
  • Color difference recognition
  • Front side appearance defects: Edge chips, Surface damage, Surface dirt, Busbar interruption, Finger knots, Scratch, Stains, Fingerprints, Printing alignment
  • Back side appearance defects(Optional): Back print quality, etc
  • Counting and calculating the total output
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