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Vivint Solar Expands Product Offerings to Include Loans

published: 2015-11-19 11:24

Vivint Solar has aligned with Mosaic, a solar financing company, to provide loans to its customers for the full cost of solar energy systems. Loans are currently being offered to Utah residents, and Vivint Solar plans to extend this new loan offering, with the help of their new financing partner, to residents in other markets in the near future.

"We're pleased that we can now offer another affordable financing solution to our customers," said Chance Allred, Senior Vice President of Sales at Vivint Solar. "We want to provide our customers multiple products to choose from to enable them to 'go solar.' If a customer wants instant financing or wants to eventually own their own solar energy system, we can now help them do that."

The loans will provide customers the opportunity to pay a low monthly payment. Just like a home mortgage, customers can build equity in their solar energy system and can enjoy years of free, clean energy once the loan is paid off. Customers have the option of keeping the solar federal tax credits and any state and local incentives for which they are eligible.

"Mosaic's best-in-class technology platform and consumer-friendly loan products align with Vivint Solar's mission to deliver an exceptional solar experience to consumers," said Ted Fawcett, Vice President of Sales at Mosaic. "We're pleased to work with the second largest residential solar company in the U.S. to make solar available to more customers in more markets."

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