Solar LED Street Lighting Offers Cost-Effective, Low Energy Solution

published: 2015-11-19 15:38 | editor: | category: News

Solar Leading, a supplier of solar power hardware, is introducing Senior LED by combining its solar power and LED lighting sector. Senior LED is a new LED street light solution that offers cost-effective and low-energy choice for its customers.

Senior LED combines longevity and low energy consumption and is able to cut cities’ and individual companies’ electricity bill. Its modular design means that the expertise of a licensed electrician isn't necessary to install the hardware. The battery, LEDs and PV panels are all independent components, which can be switched out as necessary.

Senior LED series include 40W and 60W LED bulbs. The street light can work 24/7 because of an intelligent control system that automatically adjusted light output based on available battery power. Furthermore, Senior LED street lights are fully adjustable to harvest most solar radiation as the solar panels are positioned at a fixed angle based on latitude.

Solar Leading takes Asia, Latin America and the Middle East as markets to develop as it sees tremendous opportunities for solar power technology in these regions. U.S. and European markets will also be Solar Leading’s targets.

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