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Poland Announces Breakthrough Green Energy Innovation

published: 2015-12-08 16:32

Poland has sparked breakthrough inventions for green energy. A young female scientist has transformed solar panels into transparent thin-film. Electricity can be generated as long as there is light.

“This thin-film can generate electricity anytime and this is not expensive. If you pay only 1 Euro for this, you can get 1000 watts of power. This is an awesome idea,” said Polish photonic scientist Olga Malinkiewicz.

Scientists estimate that solar thin-film printers will launch in the next two to three years. By then, thin-films with different shapes can be printed out and stick on a cellphone or back of a tablet PC. It will automatically go into charge mode when light is available. This new application will revolutionize renewable energy development.

Another revolutionary technology – bendable screen in Poland has allowed Sci-Fi dream closer to becoming reality. Screen that can bend will be the future trend for cellphones and computers. Bendable screen is made up of grapheme. Its strength is 200 times stronger than steel. “I believe this will be the future of the global technology,” said an Polish electronic physician.

Photo Credit: spie

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