Geco to Build PV Carports in Japan

published: 2015-12-15 17:31 | editor: | category: News

PV carports are attractive because they work more than simply a carport – the help protech the environment by combining PV solutions. GECO, a solar system specialist, was recently awarded a contract for a Carport PV mounting structure in Japan, and has successfully completed it.

The project, which is located in a square within a residential area, required a large-span rail strong enough to withstand wind velocities of up to 40m/s and snow loads as high as 90cm.

Mr. G, CEO of Geco Renewable Energy Co Ltd., said, "Carport PV solar systems not only protect cars from wind and rain, they also generate power, acting as a charging station for batteries or hybrid/electric vehicles and also providing lighting. Carport systems are convenient, dependable and flexible, yet not restricted to any particular area. Geco is expert in solar mounting systems and we enjoy good relations with our Japanese customers. We look forward to many more opportunities for cooperation on PV projects in Japan.”

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