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Gogoro Announces to Enter into the US

published: 2016-01-06 18:05

Gogoro, a Taiwan-funded technology company transforming how energy is distributed and managed in cities, announced on the CES the introduction of the Gogoro GoCharger™ and Gogoro OPEN Initiative, creating a more scalable and readily available solution for customers outside of Gogoro's planned megacity rollout.

"Gogoro's 2015 success has created an outpouring of support and interest from people all over the world. We want as many people as possible to have access to the Smartscooter EV revolution, so we created the Gogoro OPEN Initiative," said Horace Luke, co-founder and CEO, Gogoro. "The Gogoro OPEN Initiative gives power to the people, broadens our addressable market and speeds our commercialization beyond our core geographic focus of megacities."

Gogoro OPEN Initiative

The Gogoro OPEN (Gogoro Owner Proposed Energy Network) Initiative allows consumers and businesses to express their interest in Gogoro and nominate themselves, their businesses and/or local communities to be part of Gogoro expansion markets. Gogoro will use the geographic enrollment data collected via the Gogoro OPEN portal to select new markets and will then deploy to cities with the most interest. Customers in selected Gogoro OPEN cities will be able to purchase the Gogoro SmartscooterTM EV and have access to GoStation® battery swapping stations, as well as public and private GoCharger TM stations. 

Gogoro GoCharger

The new Gogoro GoChargerTM can be used at home or retail locations and can charge a pair of batteries simultaneously. When batteries are placed in the Gogoro GoChargerTM it connects wirelessly and can send charging notifications to the owner.  Gogoro also utilizes the connectivity to manage charge levels, charge rates and the overall health of the Gogoro battery. The Gogoro GoChargerTM has two models, a speed charger and an overnight charger. The Gogoro GoChargerTM will be available beginning this summer. For businesses interested in joining the Gogoro OPEN Initiative, a Gogoro GoChargerTM will be installed for no charge as long as it is made available to Gogoro customers.

Gogoro Smartscooter EV Gets Smarter

Gogoro also introduced smartphone keyless operation of the SmartscooterTM EV so customers no longer need to use a key fob but can now use their iOS/Android phone or Apple Watch to lock and unlock their Gogoro SmartscooterTM EV and perform other SmartscooterTM EV actions. Smartphone keyless operation is expected to be available as a standard feature on all new Gogoro SmartscooterTM EVs and as a free upgrade for all previously purchased SmartscooterTM EVs.

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