Mini-Version Tesla Model S About to Launch in May

published: 2016-02-17 16:25 | editor: | category: News

Last week, a company named Actev Motors introduced the smart go-kart for kids – the Arrow Kart. The Arrow Kart costs US$ 599, with a top speed of 12 miles per hour. This week, Tesla announced the partnership with Radio Flyer, the maker of the little red wagon and tricycle, to create a mini-version Tesla for kids to ride on Flight Speed lithium ion batteries – the Tesla Model S for kids.

The Tesla Model S for kids is designed specifically for kids aged three to eight. The top speed is 6 miles per hour and can reduce to 3 miles per hour to keep kids safe. In addition, the battery only requires three hours to be fully charged. Differ from the real Model S, the Model S for kids utilizes swappable batteries to increase the convenience of charging.

True to Tesla form, there are also some bells, whistles, and customizable options. It comes with working headlights, a front trunk, and a sound system with an auxiliary cord input. The cars can be outfitted in "authentic Tesla Model S colors" like Deep Blue Metallic, Midnight Silver Metallic, or Red Multi-Coat. Extras like personalized license plates, spare (or more powerful) batteries, and a Tesla-branded car cover are all available, too.

Even with those features, the Model S for Kids is a much less exciting toy compared to the Arrow, which is smarter, more stylish, and comes with some pretty powerful safety features like collision avoidance and geofencing. It's also twice as fast, which means Tesla finally made a Model S that won't win every drag race.

Source: theverge


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