Array Technologies and BayWa r.e. Partner for Delivering 1GW of Solar Tracker

published: 2016-06-06 18:29 | editor: | category: News

Array Technologies, Inc. (ATI), the supplier of solar tracking systems, and renewable energy company, BayWa r.e., have entered into a master supply agreement to drive execution on over 1GW of solar trackers for delivery to projects in the United States and Mexico.

The agreement was signed between the parties during Green Power Conference’s MIREC Week, an international conference held in Mexico City, where ATI and BayWa r.e. gathered with hundreds of companies targeting Mexico’s nascent solar industry as the next frontier. As a result of ATI’s recently expanded global supply chain network, 70% of BayWa r.e.’s projects in Mexico will be sourced by local content.

The projects will feature ATI’s market-leading DuraTrack® HZ v3. This innovative single-axis tracker boasts a 6% power density advantage, the industry’s highest reliability, significant installation efficiencies, and zero scheduled maintenance over the 30-year life of the product. DuraTrack HZ v3 represents a groundbreaking design in solar tracking built to lower the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE).

“We are delighted to enter into this partnership with ATI, whose industry-leading reliability and near-zero maintenance costs provide the best overall plant performance for our growing portfolio,” said Jam Attari, CEO, BayWa r.e. Solar Projects LLC. “ATI’s approach of supporting local communities aligns with BayWa r.e.’s commitment to using local resources for project realization, making the alliance a natural fit.”

“DuraTrack HZ v3 is designed for utility-scale efficiency in global applications. Our recent product innovations dramatically reduce installation and maintenance costs as well as increase reliability, making it the logical choice for BayWa r.e.’s growing international pipeline,” explained ATI founder and CEO, Ron Corio. “Our partnership is based on improving solar’s economic viability worldwide by actively reducing LCOE. We are honored to work with a global leader in renewable energy and expect to see great success from BayWa r.e. in the solar space.”

The agreement to mass-supply ATI’s revolutionary new solar tracking system comes as solar energy’s competitiveness with conventional fuels is rapidly improving. Key balance of system innovations, such as the utility-focused DuraTrack HZ v3 single-axis tracker, continue to drive down the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) and propel the solar industry towards a bright future.

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