Wiwynn Joins Hands with Mr. Watt On Activating 10% Green Power for the Taipei Headquarters Next Year

published: 2021-01-04 18:30 | editor: | category: News

Cloud server provider Wiwynn announced December 28th the official completion of the signing on the green power purchase contract with power selling company Mr. Watt. This signing of purchase contract allows Wiwynn to become the first information service provider in Taiwan to obtain comprehensive environmental benefits by directly purchasing green power from power selling companies through PPA subsequent to the amendment of the Electricity Industry Act. Simultaneously, Wiwynn is also expected to begin using 10% of green power for its headquarters in Taipei from 2021.

As hyperscale data center clients successively declared the target of carbon neutrality or the use of 100% renewable energy in the next several years, Wiwynn is also departing from the operating end by gradually implementing the works of energy conservation and carbon reduction. Apart from receiving A- for the item of Climate Change from the Carbon Disclosure Project, Wiwynn also started drafting the purchases of green power since May this year.

Emily Hong, CEO of Wiwynn, commented that energy conservation and carbon reduction has always been the common target for the high energy consuming data center industry, and the usage of green power is not only an essential competitive condition for the existing industry, but should also be the promise that citizens of the Earth shoulder for sustainable operation. Wiwynn is expected to use 10% of green power for its Taipei headquarters starting from 2021, and has planned to incorporate additional resources in the future to elevate the overall usage of green power.

It is reported that the green power Wiwynn purchased from Mr. Watt this time comes from the photovoltaic plant at the rooftop of the National Tainan Girl’s Senior High School. The specific power plant transcended from the green power transaction model that comprises of wholesaling to TPC after Green Harvest had won the bid, which transformed the high school into the first academic unit in Taiwan to be selling green power to businesses.

Lin Kai-yi, co-founder of Mr. Watt, pointed out that the results of carbon reduction audits such as CDP and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index have become important indicators in determining if internationally selected companies are able to implement sustainable operations, and the usage of green power is a critical factor in obtaining remarkable results. The mission of Mr. Watt is to assist businesses in obtaining green power according to various needs so as to elevate international competitiveness.

 (Cover photo source: TechNews)

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