TPC: Power Consumption Peak May Ascend Again in Summertime as Seen from the New Record on May 11th

published: 2021-05-29 9:30 | editor: | category: News

A high temperature of more than 30°C is seen in various regions of Taiwan with the imminent arrival of summertime, which has triggered a rise in the demand for power consumption. On May 11th in particular, TPC commented that the instantaneous peak load had arrived at 35.993MW, which is a new height in power consumption this year, and the 5th highest record in May in history. The aggravated status in water regimen has reduced the power generation volume of hydropower, and the power consumption peak in summer this year may elevate to a new height once again. 

According to TPC, the constantly surging power demand this year is imputable to not only the domestic consumption and the flourishing export status under the pandemic, but also the recent sweltering weather that resulted in a perpetual growth in the domestic load. Pertaining to supply, the appalling status in water regimen had led to a hydropower generation of 560 million kW during the first quarter this year, which is a YoY reduction of almost 16% from 670 million kW, and forces the company to not be too excessively optimistic towards the forecast on the hydropower generation for the second quarter. 

On May 11th, TPC pointed out that the instantaneous peak load had arrived at 35.993 MW at 14:19, which marks the 5th largest consumption in May in history. The operating reserve rate was at approximately 10.03% during peak hours, with an operating reserve of 3.611 MW. Despite the sufficient power supply signal, TPC urged the public to conserve on power consumption amidst the incessant heat. 

TPC emphasizes that the company has fully prepared accordingly by grasping on the status of power supply and striving to maintain a stable provision of power in order to respond to the surging tendency in power consumption and the anticipated new record in power consumption peak this year. In the face of the imminent peak consumption season, apart from the commercial operation in the new units of independent power plants and the sufficient level of new renewable energy, TPC will also implement major repair and overhaul for various units in the hope of commencing operation before the arrival of the peak season in summer. TPC is currently dispatching excellent and high-efficiency units to initiate for power generation, and is expected to still achieve the target of a stable supply of power. 

(Cover photo source: pixabay) 

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