Audi e-tron GT Exceeded Anticipation in a Driving Range of 490km under 90km/hr

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e-tron GT of Audi has achieved the latest driving range of 490km, which is similar to the Porsche Taycan that uses the same battery chassis architecture, and offers additional vote of confidence for the public. 

The driving range of electric vehicles has always been the focus of the buyers, and the integration of test results from various scenarios may provide better references since different results are produced from varied tests. Renowned Norwegian Youtuber Bjørn Nyland has provided a distinctive testing method. 

In Nyland’s test, a vehicle is driven on an open road under a respective speed of 90km/hr and 120km/hr until the battery is almost drained. The Audi e-tron GT uses the 21” Eagle F1 of Goodyear, and the temperature on the day of testing was about 14-16°C. 

Audi e-tron GT

The WLTP statistics provided by Audi indicate that e-tron GT contains a 93.4kWh battery unit, with a driving range of roughly 487km, and the actual road test result from Nyland produced a driving range of 490km. In other words, this model has an almost identical driving range from the official statistics and the actual road test, which is quite rare among electric vehicles in the market. 

Generally speaking, the statistics regarding the driving range announced by the electric vehicle manufacturers are usually similar to the results from actual road tests after an approximate reduction of 20%. e-tron GT has a relatively remarkable road test performance, and still managed to achieve a driving range of 378km under an average speed of 120km/hr during the second test.  

Based on Nyland’s test result from the same road section, e-tron GT is roughly 18% behind Porsche Taycan in performance, though the difference is understandable since Taycan used 19” tires during the test, and the temperature was 10°C higher that day. The two particular models should produce a very similar energy consumption under completely identical conditions. 

Despite being on par with the driving range statistics of the WLTP, e-tron GT is still way behind the leader Tesla in performance. According to Nyland’s test, Model S Long Range produced a respective driving range of 644km and 473km under 90km/hr and 120km/hr. 

e-tron GT and R8 are produced from the same production line, which is known for possessing the highest quality of Audi. 

e-tron GT may not surpass Model S in driving range and acceleration, but the model contains the best design and quality of Audi. Each unit of the vehicle is produced by the production line at Böllinger Höfe, which is also responsible for manufacturing the celebrated Audi R8, and that is why the assembling quality of e-tron GT can be guaranteed. 

Taiwan may receive further information regarding the release of e-tron GT in 2022 at the earliest. Follow the related articles and news to find out more. 

(Photo source: Audi) 

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