Combining Smart Electric Meters and LINE Services, 1% Electricity Savings Per Household Equals 25 Years of Electricity for 101

published: 2022-01-11 9:30 | editor: | category: News

"You cannot start conserving electricity before you see electricity consumption." NextDrive and Taipower jointly announced the launch of a new generation of home energy management services "1% Energy Activist" which connects smart meters and LINE services. Swipe on your phone to track and predict your home electricity consumption and carry out further energy-saving actions.

NextDrive’s home energy management service: sign up to experience “1% energy activist,” limited to 10,000 users from now until 3/31. After the application is reviewed, NextDrive will contact Taipower to evaluate smart meter installation and install the Route B communication module and data collector to connect to LINE. The installation fee will be paid by NextDrive.

The power consumption manager currently launched by NextDrive is the abridged version. Service includes power consumption reports, energy saving plans, and energy guard. In the electricity consumption report, power data is updated every 10 minutes and daily, weekly, and monthly power consumption are reconciled, future electricity consumption predicted, and daily electricity consumption and electricity bills displayed.

NextDrive’s guide provides electrical appliance examination information, energy saving inspiration according to electrical appliances and seasons, immediate electricity consumption guide, as well as an energy-saving electrical appliance buying guide and cleaning and maintenance suggestions. According to NextDrive statistics, providing energy data in real time can effectively reduce the overall electricity consumption of a home by 5~10%. If it is popularized to every household in the future, energy savings of only 1% is needed to provide for the electricity consumption of Taipei 101 for 25 consecutive years.

NextDrive is expected to launch a value-added version of their App by the end of the year. It will further upgrade energy management services, with power regulation, as well as the overall systemic service of solar energy, power storage equipment, and electric vehicles. The App integrates with smart homes to enable one button functionality to check the electricity consumption of home appliances. At the same time, comprehensive benefits include regional power regulation, regional disaster prevention, and long-term care services.

NextDrive CEO Jeryuan Yan stated, as the world becomes more aware of carbon reduction, governments, companies, and the public must act proactively in terms of energy production and consumption. The private sector must also join in. In order to bring energy saving to the public, NextDrive decided to bring instant electricity consumption data to mobile phones through LINE.

By reflecting on the behavior of electricity consumption in a smart and intuitive way and connecting the public's daily electricity consumption to a sustainable symbiotic way of life, Jeryuan Yan hopes that the action of saving electricity can be transformed from a one man fight to a city-state collaboration and finally become a way to ease the strain on the power grid. Simple LINE services can also help the grid. NextDrive Chief Marketing Officer Martina Yi indicated that the public does not necessarily have the awareness to conserve electricity but people like keeping accounts and may be curious about their electricity consumption habits. Therefore, by using LINE, people can evaluate which behaviors consume more electricity and whether home appliances need to be replaced with new ones.

Taipower Vice-President and Distribution and Service Division CEO Yao-ting Wang indicated, efficient power generation and efficient power consumption will be the wave of the future. It will not be necessary to build the exact number of power plants to meet the same level of power consumption. The real solution is to effectively control power consumption and power generation. Therefore, Taipower has also launched the "Home Energy Management Service" cross-promotion, hoping that companies and new entrepreneurs will work together to provide solutions.

Five years ago, NextDrive invested heavily in the Japanese energy market with a core focus on solving the challenge of digital transformation of energy. Inspired by the liberalization of low-voltage power in Japan, Jeryuan Yan decided to switch from the private cloud business to the power market. In the future, he will not exclude forming alliances between different industries such as preventive medicine. Last year, NextDrive also received a total of approximately NT$850 million in Series C funding from a number of international companies which will help NextDrive deepen its services in terms of Taiwan's energy needs Jeryuan Yan also thanked the event advocacy partners Sino-American Silicon, Greenvines, Come True Coffee, Matthew's Choice, and GOGO Furniture.

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