APEC Cross-fora Forum Launches to Establishing Unified Certificate Standard

published: 2022-03-02 9:30 | category: News

The Bureau of Standards, Metrology, and Inspection MOEA held a press conference regarding the “APEC Cross-fora Forum” today (3/2) to unveil the upcoming APEC online forum on March 7-9. This is the first time the forum has tackled cross-topics on energy and standards, sharing Taiwan's renewable energy certificate experience with 21 APEC economies, hoping to further establish a unified green power certificate standard.

The theme of the APEC Cross-fora Forum is "Utilizing Renewable Energy Certification to Facilitate APEC Regional Renewable Energy Growth" and will invite regional member partners to discuss the three topics of "policy development," "market challenges," and "corporate participation."

MOEA Chief Secretary, Chen Yi-ling stated, the event is to be held in Taiwan and hosted by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology, and Inspection MOEA, representing the 21 APEC economies that highly affirm the efficacy of Taiwan's renewable energy certificate. At present, many Asia-Pacific countries have not launched a complete certificate plan. In the future, dialogue will be launched through the APEC platform and, hopefully, a consistent standard can be reached.

Since 2017, the Bureau of Standards, Metrology, and Inspection MOEA has issued more than 1.06 million certificates, equivalent to 1.06 billion kWh of renewable energy power, reducing carbon emissions by approximately 534,000 metric tons. The promotion of certificates has achieved remarkable results, which is the best confirmation of Taiwan's energy transition and support of the green energy industry.

Bureau of Standards, Metrology, and Inspection MOEA Director-General Lien Chin-chang mentioned that this meeting is a best practice plan for Asia-Pacific economies to jointly explore and discuss the development of renewable energy certificates. Hopefully, APEC member economies will benefit and promote regional development through the establishment of this exchange platform and companies will move towards energy transformation and practice sustainable development.

Lien Chin-chang pointed out, in the era of global net-zero transition, renewable energy is one of the keys to enhancing international competitiveness. Facing supply chain and ESG requirements, the demand for renewable energy is also increasing. Since Taiwan issued its first renewable energy certificate, it has also been committed to international exchange and now it has proved the benefits of Taiwan's renewable energy certificate.

In recent years, the Bureau of Standards, Metrology, and Inspection MOEA has been committed to building an exchange platform for Asia-Pacific renewable energy certificates. Renewable energy certificates have the characteristics of verifying green electricity. At present, there is no specific international standard. Therefore, Taiwan proposes to discuss the importance of this issue at APEC which is strongly supported by the Energy Working Group (EWG) and the Standards and Compliance Subcommittee (SCSC).

This forum will be the first time that the 21 APEC economies promote renewable energy related issues in the region. It will be the first time starting from the perspective of renewable energy certificate promotion. It is the first time holding a cross-fora across "energy" and "standards" at the APEC international conference which is of key significance to the future development of the renewable energy and certificate market.

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