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TrendForce: The Latest Solar Price Survey

published: 2011-02-18 15:13

February 17, 2011 --- According to the latest weekly price survey conducted by EnergyTrend, a research institute of TrendForce Corp., solar cell spot prices continued to increase while contract prices for February see no clear movement mainly because manufacturers are currently cautious about market demand. However, contract prices for March are expected to show clear increase.

This week’s survey showed that spot prices of poly silicon came to approximately $75/kg with an increase of 5.81%. Prices of poly silicon cells simultaneously increased widening the price difference between mono silicon and poly silicon products. Currently, sales price of poly silicon cells reached $1.27/Watt while that of mono silicon reached 1.32/Watt. On the other hand, module price also rose to $1.63/Watt. In terms of wafer, the purchase price is over $3.5/Watt. Furthermore, average price quotation of poly silicon wafer increased by 1.18%, and mono silicon wafer rose by 1.3%. As for poly silicon wafer, average price came back to $70/kg, a 2.47% increase.

Moreover, average prices of thin film showed a downward trend. According to EnergyTrend, current price of thin film reached $1.28/Watt. Notably some manufacturers offered ask prices as low as $1/Watt in India and Thailand where many are faced with severe price competition, but deals were concluded at such price quote. In European market however, thin film price is relatively stable at $1.4/Watt. As for solar inverters, the supply is sufficient and the average price maintained at $0.29/Watt, dipping by 1.02%.

In addition, February contract prices showed mere increase. Because manufacturers are still cautious about the demand and economic recovery has just begun, price increase is not expected to be dramatic. The latest survey showed contract price for cells came to $1.25/Watt while that of module came to $1.67/Watt. As for upstream poly silicon, major manufacturers indicated that current material sources are contract based, adjusted seasonally if there is no dramatic price change, therefore, February contract price only increased by little to $62/kg. Wafers, on the other hand, manufacturers remained stable with an increase of 1% but price increase in March may widen to 3%~7%.

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