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TrendForce: The Latest Solar Price Survey

published: 2011-02-10 18:04

February 09, 2011 --- According to the latest weekly price survey conducted by EnergyTrend, a research institute of TrendForce Corp., solar cell spot prices continued to increase, which many manufacturers viewed as a signal for price rebound. Contract prices for March orders are still under negotiation and the estimated price range is $1.3/Watt~$1.25/Watt.

This week’s survey showed solar cell spot prices increased by 2.36% to $1.21/Watt. Module price simultaneously rose by 1.64% as well. In terms of wafer, the trading price is over $3.5/Watt. On the other hand, average price quotation of poly silicon wafer increased by 1.18%, and mono silicon wafer rose by 2.09%. As for poly silicon, average price came back to $70/kg, a 2.47% increase.

Average prices of thin film, concentrator PV and solar Inverter showed a downward trend. According to EnergyTrend, current price of thin film reached $1.3/Watt. Notably some manufacturers offered ask prices as low as $1.2/Watt in India and Thailand where many are faced with severe price competition. In European market however, thin film price is relatively stable. As for solar inverters, the supply is sufficient and it takes about one month after placing an order to receive the shipment. The average price maintained at $0.29/Watt, dipping by 1.02%.

Moreover, Germany has announced its policy adjustments; the subsidy cut will be no more than 15%. It is expected to see companies start pulling in production schedules in 2Q. Though growth rate in 2Q is not experiencing any signs of slow down as previouly expected as a result of the policy adjustments, it remains unclear as to whether the German market will show earlier demand realization in the first half of 2011. In addition, installation cap is not included as previous market rumors had expected. EnergyTrend expects to see such policy imposition in Germany in 2012.

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