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TrendForce: The Latest Solar Price Survey

published: 2011-02-24 17:07

February 23, 2011 --- According to the latest weekly price survey conducted by EnergyTrend, a research division of TrendForce, the spot price remains balanced this week. Based on this circumstance, EnergyTrend believes that the manufacturers are currently watching the market movements, which shows that the price adjustment will be slight and slow, or even unchanged.

In this survey, the average cell price slightly decreased by 0.08% to $0.001/ Watt, with the average price of $1.249/Watt, while the module price still remained at $1.63/Watt. As for the upstream, the average polysilicon price slightly dropped by 0.13% to $74.6/Kg, and the price change was only $0.1/Kg. In addition, the average wafer price stayed the same level as last week. In terms of the slight price concussion of cell and polysilicon, EnergyTrend believes that all these figures derived from statistic error, and the actual price will remain unchanged compared to last week.

However, EnergyTrend also found that, with the increasing visibility of Korean wafer makers, their product quality and price have been acknowledged by customers, which has great attraction for cell manufacturers. Furthermore, SNEC Shanghai and PV Japan will be held respectively in this and next week, so it is believed that the demand condition and price trend in 1H11 will become clearer after the events.

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