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TrendForce: The Latest Solar Price Survey

published: 2011-03-04 9:12

March 03, 2011 --- According to the research from EnergyTrend, a research division under TrendForce, the spot price of solar cell appears rising trend this week, with the average price of $1.27/Watt, which shows obvious rebound compared with the figure of last week. EnergyTrend believes that this situation is multiply influenced by both coming peak season and elimination of European policy uncertainty.

In this survey, the average price of battery cell slightly rises by $0.02 / Watt at the increase rate of 1.68%, with the average price of $1.27/Watt. The average spot price of polycrystalline silicon solar cell is about $1.25/Watt, while the figure of monocrystalline silicon cell reaches $1.32/Watt. In terms of modules, the average price slightly increases by 0.55% to $1.645/Watt. As for the upstream, the price of polycrystalline silicon remains $74.6/Kg, staying the same level of last week. The average price of wafer grows a little by 0.63%, while monocrystalline silicon increasing by 0.26%. In addition, the price of silicon thin film has not declined further, with the average price slightly increasing to $1.3/Watt.

Since the policies in Germany and Italy have been released, manufacturers will have a clear picture of market demand in the first half of this year. In addition, the coming peak season and good order circumstance will lead to favorable development situation for the whole industry in the second quarter.

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