Prices Remain the Same during Holiday, Trade War May be Underway: Price Trend

published: 2017-10-05 17:48 | editor: | category: Price Trend

Owing to the Oct. 1 long holiday in China and the Mid-Autumn Festival and Double Ten Day long weekend holiday in Taiwan in this week and next week, over 70% of the solar industry’s supply chains have come to the halt, with no apparent changes in prices.

In terms of the situation of international trade, the public hearing of remedies for Section 201 case of the US was held on October 3. The participants included representatives from China, Korea, Mexico, and Taiwan, local official representatives of councilors, and representatives of both supporters and protestors. However, because ITC didn’t clarify their position on the public hearing, and because each participant had only briefly stated their situation, the overall progress from the hearing was limited. There will be a further discussion of Section 201 case on October 10, and on October 23, proposals for the remedies will be released. On October 31, they will vote for the results of the remedies. Lastly, on November 13, they will send the proposals to President Trump to decide whether to implement them. During each period, if any information about the remedies is released, it will create an impact on the US market and global supply chain. October 31 is currently believed to be the time when the biggest impact will take place, as the results after voting will almost confirm the practice in the future.

For Europe, MIP will bring great damage to high price and power products once it is imposed again this year. With the barrier on the US market caused by the Section 201 case, the surplus of high power products will pressure manufacturers to reduce price in 4Q17 and to shift their attention to the mid-price market.

(Photo Source: Pixabay)

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