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TrendForce: The Price Report of PV Industry Supply Chain (4/13~4/20)

published: 2022-04-25 15:54

According to the quotation of EnergyTrend,  the price of mono polysilicon rose from RMB251/KG to RMB252/KG, an increase of 20.4%. The RMB price of non-China polysilicon was US$34.699/KG.

The quotation for multi wafers was RMB2.38/Pc; the US dollar quotation was US$0.353/Pc to US$0.26/Pc. The RMB quotation of M10 mono wafer remained at RMB6.78/Pc to RMB6.1/Pc; the RMB quotation of G12 monocrystalline silicon wafers was RMB9.05/Pc.

The RMB price of multi solar cells was RMB0.83/W; the US dollar price was US$0.110/W. The RMB price of M6 mono cells was  RMB1.12/W, an increase of 0.9% compared with the previous RMB1.11/W; the US dollar price was US$0.16/W. The quotations for M10 mono PERC cells rose from RMB1.15/W to RMB1.175/W,an increase of 2.17%. The RMB price of G12 mono PERC cells was RMB1.17/W, with the former increasing by 0.86%.

The price of 275-280/330-335W module in RMB was RMB1.68/W; the U.S. dollar price was US$0.235/W. The quotation in RMB for 355-365/430-440W modules was RMB1.87/W; the quotation in US dollars was US$0.264/W. The latest quotation for the 182mm module was RMB1.89/W, an increase of 0.53% compared with the previous RMB1.89/W. The quotation of 210mm module was RMB1.92/W.

The RMB quotations for 2.0mm coated pv glass and 3.2mm coated pv glass were RMB21/㎡ and RMB28/㎡ respectively. 

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