2024 World Battery & Energy Storage Industry Expo (WBE)

published: 2023-12-27 15:48
2024 World Battery & Energy Storage Industry Expo (WBE) Date: August 8th-10th, 2024 Venue: 1st and 2nd Floor, Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex Address: No.380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China   Review of...  more

EVE Energy to Supply 10GWh of Battery Cells to Powin

published: 2023-06-26 9:30
Powin, an energy storage platform provider, and Chinese battery supplier EVE Energy signed a supply agreement under which the latter will provide 10GWh of battery cells for the former’s energy storage project. ...  more

Genesis Pioneers Facial Recognition in Electric Vehicles, Raising the Question: When Will We See It in Action?

published: 2023-06-21 9:30
Genesis, a luxury vehicle division under the Hyundai Group, is spearheading a new technological innovation in the automotive industry. It's set to roll out the GV60, the first EV worldwide to boast facial recognition technology. While this cutting-edge feature sounds undeniably intriguing, the real mystery is when it will hit the roads in full stride. ...  more