EVE Energy to Supply 10GWh of Battery Cells to Powin

published: 2023-06-26 9:30
Powin, an energy storage platform provider, and Chinese battery supplier EVE Energy signed a supply agreement under which the latter will provide 10GWh of battery cells for the former’s energy storage project. ...  more

Genesis Pioneers Facial Recognition in Electric Vehicles, Raising the Question: When Will We See It in Action?

published: 2023-06-21 9:30
Genesis, a luxury vehicle division under the Hyundai Group, is spearheading a new technological innovation in the automotive industry. It's set to roll out the GV60, the first EV worldwide to boast facial recognition technology. While this cutting-edge feature sounds undeniably intriguing, the real mystery is when it will hit the roads in full stride. ...  more

Gogoro Expands its Reach in South Korea, Setting up 70 Battery Swap Stations

published: 2023-06-13 9:30
A global shift towards electrification is on the move, and Taiwanese e-scooter manufacturer Gogoro is leading the charge. In a thrilling announcement, the company is bolstering its presence in South Korea by extending its ground-breaking battery exchange system to seven cities outside the bustling metropolis of Seoul. This development will also spark the sale of Gogoro’s coveted e-scooters, driving the brand’s global momentum. ...  more