City of Compton Places $109,621 Order for T3 Series Electric Vehicles

published: 2011-09-29 14:58 | editor: | category: News

T3 Motion, Inc., a producer of clean technology electric vehicles announced today that the City of Compton has placed an $109,621 order for T3 ESVs for community development campaigns with the Compton Municipal Law Enforcement Services Department. The purchase was approved by the Compton City Council earlier this month. The units are scheduled to be delivered this week.

The Compton Municipal Law Enforcement Services Department (MLES) works to create and maintain a safe, attractive environment for the citizens of Compton through enforcement of laws and codes that pertain to vehicle violations, zoning, and maintenance of residential, commercial and industrial properties. Furthermore, MLES is responsible for providing comprehensive, proactive enforcement programs and services designed to eliminate slum and blight conditions and maintain the overall safety and appearance of the community. The department focuses on the abatement of weeds and debris on residential, commercial and industrial properties; enforcing codes related to parking violations, zoning infractions, and property maintenance; and increasing security and safety in and around city facilities.

"We are very pleased that T3 Motion can help the City of Compton decrease fuel costs and increase community safety during their city improvement initiatives," stated Ki Nam, CEO of T3 Motion. "The T3’s unique design provides a command presence and approachability that are perfect for Compton’s community safety and appearance initiatives."

Over 170 cities across the country utilize their T3 Series fleets for security and parking enforcement initiatives, including New York, Los Angeles, Charleston, Dallas, Memphis, Minneapolis, Pasadena, Phoenix and Seattle.

T3 Series Features

The T3 is a cutting-edge ‘green’ personal mobility vehicle specialized for use by law enforcement and security officers. The T3 leads the industry in these key features:

• Cost of operation less than 10 cents per day
• Zero-degree turning radius
• Two rechargeable, swap-able batteries
• Speeds up to 20 mph
• 9-inch raised platform provides a superior vantage point
• 24/7 operation

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